Want To Look Like A K-Pop Star? Try These Effortlessly Chic Korean Hairstyles

Want To Look Like A K-Pop Star? Try These Effortlessly Chic Korean Hairstyles

Korean beauty has completely changed the paradigm of the skincare world as we know it. One moment we were happily following a CTM routine and now, we all at least have 2-3 facial serums, a plethora of sheet masks and might have even tried their famous 10 step skincare regimen. Now, their hair trends are also marking its territory across the globe and we are so here for it! And I think if I lived in Korea, I'll come back as a totally different person because they definitely live ahead of the time or as I believe, in a different dimension.

Korean fashion trends, beauty trends and even hair trends--how do they nail it every time? Talking about hair trends, we have so much to learn from them. And if you have impulsively cut your own bangs during quarantine, then you're on the right track! So, let's know more about their hair trends.


Pretty pastels, curtain bangs and short hair--is this what comes to your mind when you think about Korean hair trends? Well, we wouldn't blame you because you're kinda right.

The Korean style of doing everything is anything but boring. Think colours but make it minimal. And if you're keen on changing your hairdo, then you have to check out these hair trends.



The #EGirl hairstyle is everywhere and TBH, it looks hella cool. And if you do middle parting, then you should definitely go for this as it will instantly elevate your look.

Just part your hair in the middle, take two strands in the front and get them dyed to a funky colour! But remember, since it is going to be bleached, make sure you are ready for what it's going to do to your hair. Or you can take a smaller chunk of the hair. Either way, we know that you're going to rock it!

Another piece of noteworthy advice is--you have to get touch-ups after every few washes. I recently tried this #KoreanApproved hairstyle and let me tell you, the colour does not stay after 7-8 washes.

Curtain Bangs


Haven't you heard? Curtain bangs is the new *IT* hairdo on the block! And if you've cut your own bangs baby girl, then this hairstyle might save your look! As the name suggests, this is a bang-ing hairdo that gives looks as if you've drawn the curtain to let the sunshine in.

All you gotta do is:

- Do a middle parting of your bangs.

- And style them up in an elegant manner. Make sure that they are pointing in an outward direction.

And if you're wondering how, watch this fun tutorial.

Ashy Tones


When I think of K-Popstars and their vibrant hairdos, gray has to be a top choice. Whether it's the super talented members of BTS or Blackpink or the Korean influencers, gray or ashy hair is definitely winning! And if you are looking to make a permanent but a subtle change to your hair colour, then you should definitely book a hair appointment right away.

Just make sure you keep up with your hair spas, hot oil treatments as no matter how much moolah you pay, your hair will get affected!

Featured Image: Instagram