Want A Natural Face Lift? Give Yourself A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Want A Natural Face Lift? Give Yourself A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you want brighter and more glowy skin, then keep your fave highlighter down cause we've got a face massaging technique that will transform your beauty routine! Usually, when we look at any technique with sculpting and lifting claims, it comes with a huge price tag--but not this one! This face massage technique will help you increase blood flow,  flush out toxins, release tension, reduce puffiness and water retention, and help you tone your face. Even your skincare products can penetrate deeper and benefit your skin even more. Wowed yet? 

The face massage technique we're talking about today is called lymphatic drainage massage, and we're getting into the nitty-gritties of it. 

What Is A Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

It is basically the process of draining and circulating fluid from your lymph nodes using massage techniques. This helps your lymphatic system deliver fresh nutrients to your cells resulting in depuffed, clear, brighter, and glowing skin. Besides your face and neck, this technique can be used on your entire body, as lymph nodes are scattered all over including your underarms and groin area. This helps release stress and tension throughout the body.

How To Give Yourself A Lymphatic Drainage Face And Neck Massage?

Step One: Apply a few drops of your favourite face oil that has soothing, calming, and brightening properties on your face, and press it in. 

Step Two: Start from the centre of your forehead and move your middle and pointer fingers down each side at the same time, draining down to the temples. Repeat this three or five times. Then move down the face and from below your eyebrows drain to the temples. Then lightly pinch the top of your brow bone with your thumb and pointer finger and drain to the temples again. 

Step Three: Move down to the under-eye area and with your ring finger and massage in a light patting motions and drain it to the temples moving from inside to out. With two fingers, drain the fluid from your temples to your lymphatic nodes in front of your ears. 

Step Four: Start at the bridge of your nose and do a draining movement across the cheekbones three or five times. Then move to the side of your lips, draining fluid to the point which is just underneath the earlobes. 

Step Five: Use all your fingers to plump along your jawline and taking the fluid behind the ears. Then start draining along the in sweeping motions and finally finish by pumping across the decolletage area.

For A Follow Along, Watch This Video:

What Products Do You Need For A Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

The best lymphatic drainage massage happens with your fingers but you can use a few tools to help too.






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