#Beauty101: Banana Powders Are The Secret To Airbrushed Makeup & We Show You How

#Beauty101: Banana Powders Are The Secret To Airbrushed Makeup & We Show You How

Honestly, there are two types of people in the world: those who prefer a super matte finish and those who love a dewy look. If you are the former, then you definitely own one too many setting powders to keep your makeup locked in place all day. Especially in a country like India, the humidity perforce makes us want to set everything well so that our cream products don't melt off. 

However, you should know that not all loose powders are alike. There are translucent powders that are usually white in colour and blend into the skin. There are also flesh-toned powders that are closer to your skin tone and then there are banana po

wders that are yellowish in colour and help in brightening, setting and mattifying.

What Is Banana Powder?

If you have yellow or olive skin tone then banana powders are a blessing for you. Like many beauty trends, this too because the it product after Kim Kardashian West used it in her makeup routine back in 2016. When the beauty mogul's MUA couldn't find her regular setting powder, he picked up the Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder and it's now become the holy grail product of so many.

Like any setting powder, they are used to mattify the skin and keep all the cream products from creasing and moving. It also is great because it doesn't give a flashback in photographs aka you don't look ghostly and your makeup doesn't look patchy and overdone. The yellow-toned powder also helps with colour correction if you have redness. 

How Do You Use A Banana Powder?

You can apply a banana powder using a powder puff, fluffy brush, or a makeup sponge--which one you choose depends on what you want from the product. 

  • For mattifying: You can use this to set your makeup in place and make sure the oils in your skin don't melt off the base. Just take a tiny amount of product into the lid and swirl a fluffy powder brush in it and dust it all over your face. You can also take some on a makeup blender and put it on your T-zone where you're most likely to get greasy first. 
  • For brightening: Banana powders are great for brightening, especially under the eyes. After you're done applying concealer, use a powder puff, and apply some product on your under-eye area. This will help in instantly brightening the skin and will also make your makeup crease-proof. Keep it for a few seconds and then dust it off.
  • For making your contour pop: A fun makeup trick to make your contour look even more enhanced is to apply some loose powder just under it and on the sides of your nose and dust it off after a few seconds. This will chisel out your cheekbones and give you that lifted appearance.  

Best Banana Powders In The Market


POSE HD Banana Powder - Yellow

INR 699 AT MyGlamm

This is a great banana powder which goes well with all Indian skin tones. It controls shine, blurs out fine lines, and gives a natural radiance to the skin.

Make Up

Me-On Banana Powder

INR 256 AT Me-On

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, then this is a great product to try. Use it with a powder puff and then dust it off with a large powder brush for a seamless finish.

Make Up

PAC HD Banana Powder


PAC does great makeup products and this one is no different. Dust it all over your face or use it to brighten your under eyes and you'll notice a difference in your makeup.


Loose Baking Powder - Banana

INR 638 AT Makeup Revolution

When you want your makeup to last super long, this banana powder is the one to go for. It gives an airbrushed finish and your makeup will look like it's been done by aa pro.

So, which one are you adding to your cart?

Featured Image: Instagram