We're Spilling The Tea: Here's How You Can Make That Blowdry Last For Days!

We're Spilling The Tea: Here's How You Can Make That Blowdry Last For Days!

The wedding season has just begun and that means getting our blowouts done by a professional. Whether you opt for a straight or curly blowout, the main problem is trying to make it last for more than a day, ‘coz let’s face it, after spending all that time and money, you do want to show it off for more than 24 hours. Luckily, there are a couple of hacks which can help you maintain that freshly done blowout for days without having to visit the parlour again. Keep on reading to know more.

Start It Right


Before heading to the parlour to achieve that envious mane, make sure it’s first thoroughly cleaned. If you use paraben and sulphate free shampoos, switch to a clarifying shampoo before getting a blowout. This will eliminate the excess oil and dirt in your hair which in turn, will help your blowout last longer. After shampoo, use a leave-in conditioner. This will reduce frizz and protect your hair from heat damage. 


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Invest In A Dry Shampoo


If you have an oily scalp, you might find your hair looking flat on day 2 of your blowout. Here’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue. All you need to do is apply a little dry shampoo on the roots. This will absorb unwanted moisture and impurities and make your mane look luscious and bouncy again. But don’t just apply it and leave it there. You’ll need to: - 

- Divide your hair into sections

- Add a bit directly on the roots

- Spread it out with your fingers

- And finally, use a natural bristle flat brush to spread it out. 

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Make Silk Pillowcases Your BFF


Those with curly hair already understand the benefits of using a silk pillowcase. This fabric helps maintain your hair smoothness even after all the tossing and turning at night, leaving you with frizz-free hair in the morning. If you want your blowout to last longer, ditch your cotton pillowcases and switch to silk. This way, you’ll wake up to a freshly styled mane in the morning. 


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Use A Restyling Spray


If you feel like your hair is losing its shine and lustre, use a restyling spray to set it back in place. These sprays help nourish and revive the hair. Aside from styling, they also help rehydrate dry ends and protect hair against heat.


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Place Your Hair Over Your Pillow

If you choose to leave your hair while you sleep, place it over the pillow rather than letting it fall under your neck or back. This will help maintain its smoothness and prevent flatness. 

Avoid Touching Your Hair


Finally, we know it can be tempting when you just get your hair done, but the less hand-to-hair contact there is, the longer your blowout will remain. Since your hands are covered in dirt, oils etc, continuous touching can transfer these impurities to your freshly done blowout and ruin it. 

Now that you know the secrets, go on and flaunt your blowout for days.

Featured Images: Pexels