Redefining Fitness! Here Are Five Foolproof Ways To Be #aBetterYou Inside Out

Redefining Fitness! Here Are Five Foolproof Ways To Be #aBetterYou Inside Out

Gone are the days when a ‘fit’ person was described as someone who spent hours at the gym, guzzled protein shakes for every meal and sported washboard abs. Today, the idea of fitness can’t be limited to a box. As long as you are moving, eating healthy and living a balanced life on your own terms, you are fit. You don’t have to be a certain shape or body size--you just have to constantly strive towards being a better version of yourself every day.

Want to know how you can be #aBetterYou in every way? We have some ideas:

Move Your Body

Notice how we didn’t suggest something specific like Zumba or HIIT? That’s because there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to exercise. And the most important aspect is consistency, so we would recommend that you participate in a physical activity you actually enjoy. This could range from taking long walks, swimming, yoga, strength training, Zumba, cardio or even fun activities like walking around your neighbourhood! In fact, you can also switch it up if you tend to get bored--yoga on one day, a run on the next and a swim on another! But remember, consistency is key.

A Healthy Diet

This includes clean, nutritious food and meals. To lead a healthy life, your diet should comprise a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins and minerals. We would encourage you to opt for a plant-based, clean diet free from preservatives and unwanted chemicals. Ready to make the switch but don’t know where to start? We recommend OZiva--a clean, plant-based nutrition brand rooted in Ayurveda, and bettered by modern food and technology. They don’t believe in one particular ‘best’ way to stay healthy and fit--rather, their products are aimed at making your life Har Tarah Se Better. Here’s our list of our top five favourite products by them. Follow them on Instagram here.

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Your mental health plays a very important role in your overall fitness and health, and meditation is an excellent, expert-approved practice to calm and centre yourself. Even short sessions of daily meditation can lead to big changes in your mental and emotional well-being. If you’re a beginner to meditation, worry not. There are plenty of apps and videos on youtube that will guide you through the process. It doesn’t matter when you do it--just try to sit in silence by yourself for at least 15 minutes every day, and notice the difference in your mental well-being

Mindful Breathing

Dealing with stress has never been an easy task. However, thanks to the pandemic and the uncertainty that comes with it, most people are reporting higher than usual stress levels. One expert-approved way of managing stress is mindful breathing. Have you ever noticed that the deeper your breaths, the calmer you feel? That’s because deep breathing slows down our heartbeat, which in turn reduces stress. To practice mindful breathing, you can try the 1:2 technique, anulom vilom, or simply take a few deep breaths several times a day.

A Balanced Lifestyle

Life isn’t all about being productive 24/7--it’s about finding the right balance. This means that every day should be an equal mix of work and play. So you shouldn’t just try to maximise every hour of the day with work, chores and exercise. Take some time out for activities that improve your mental health and truly bring you joy--these could include playing with your dog, catching up with friends, maintaining a hobby, cooking, or simply taking some time to lounge around. You have one life, and you deserve to fill it with things that make your heart happy!

Ready to become #aBetterYou in every way?

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