Hack Or Super Wack: Celebrity Hair Secrets That Deserve To Be Tried At Least Once!

kendall jenner and kangana ranaut hair goals

Ever since social media came into our lives, mainly Instagram and TikTok (banned but definitely missing its presence), the way we consume content has changed. We now rely on quick reviews and bite-sized content and the one notable change has been our interaction with celebs. Our fave celebrities now seem a lot more approachable and they often treat their fans with glimpses of their lives through their social media accounts. From holiday pictures to fitness routines and even their well-kept beauty secrets... We now know a lot more about them. 

So doing what I do best, I've rounded up some of the best hair hacks that celebs have shared lately and these are sure to be of great help to you. Scroll ahead!

Celebrity Hair Hacks

No one has a great hair day, every day! No, not even celebrities! Keep on reading some of the best hair hacks that celebs swear by:

Kangana Ranaut


If you have dry hair, oil them. If you have hair breakage, oil them again. The Queen of Bollywood loves applying chuli aka apricot oil to her mane as it deeply nourishes the strands and the scalp. Oiling is known to be great for our hair health but we often end up ignoring this one essential step. So take a cue from Kangana's beauty book and get on with it. 

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Suki Waterhouse


Do you want gorgeous hair like Suki Waterhouse? Then wash your hair with Coca-Cola! No, I'm not kidding! The stunning model revealed that she sometimes rinses her golden locks with the fizzled drink as it gives her hair the texture she loves! I'm sure it works for her but I'm not sure if I'd like my hair to be sticky! 

Solange Knowles


Before we reveal what Beyoncé's sister does to keep her hair this fluffy looking, let us all look at Monica's *humidity hair* once.

Did that make you feel slightly uncomfortable? I bet it did. Now imagine letting humidity take over deliberately to add volume to your hair. Well, Solange swears by it! Believe it or not but Solange stands outside after washing her hair so that her mane looks bigger. She says that the steam adds to the volume and makes 'em big and fluffy, just how she likes it. 

Nicole Kidman


Have you ever gotten your hair coloured and scrolled endlessly for ways to make the colour last longer? If yes, then forget whatever you've read becasue Nicole Kidman's advice is all that matters. The Big Little Lies actress revealed that if you have dyed your hair red, use cranberry juice to wash it and if you have dyed your mane blonde, champagne works best.

Kendall Jenner


You don't need to have highlights or a coloured mane to make your hair look good and Kendall Jenner proves this daily. The leggy model has stunning, straight brunette hair that always looks on-point and has us wondering what she really does to keep it looking so perfect. Well, Kendall revealed that she likes to sleep with wet hair so that when she wakes up, they have a nice texture to it. Just don't do that in winters please! 


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So, ready to give your hair a celeb-approved boost?!

Featured Image: Instagram