What's This Sorcery? Magical Benefits Of Witch Hazel We Need To Be Talking About

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What comes to your mind when you hear the term witch hazel? No, what came to your mind the first time you heard about it?

Let me tell you what I'd imagined--a magical potion in a purple glass bottle with smoke coming out of it (Don't judge guys, I was really into this whole witchcraft TV show in the 8th grade). But when I finally got my hands on it, I was disappointed that it looked like a regular liquid. But truthfully, witch hazel is anything but mundane as it is loaded with skincare benefits that you wouldn't wanna miss out on! But first, let's learn what exactly it is.

What Is Witch Hazel?

In simple words, witch hazel is a magical plant that is used to make medicinal, skincare and even some hair care products. Hamamelis water; distilled witch hazel extract is taken from dried leaves and barks of the plant is derived and eventually the final product.

With that being said, here are some benefits of witch hazel:

Can Be Used As A Toner

Witch hazel is NOT a toner but can definitely be used as one. Since it has antiseptic properties, it is amazing for beauties with oily or sensitive skin. But before you start using it on an everyday basis, make sure you do a patch test first. And if it irritates your skin, it's better to stop using it immediately than to regret it a few days later.

Skin Care

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Can Help Treat Acne

The beauty world is filled with multiple anti-acne products and we know it. While some products may not suit you like it suits others, it doesn't hurt to try out a new product every once in a while. And who knows, you might find the product your skin was looking for!

Did you know that when you're pregnant, you're advised to stay away from retinoids? And that is where witch hazel steps in. Since it is more on the natural side, it is completely safe to use plus also helps fight off those pesky pimples. Just use it twice a day and we bet acne will soon be forgotten.

Soothes Bug Bites

I don't know about you guys but personally, I am really bug-ged by all these mosquitos singing their not so hit single *bzz bzz* in my ears at night. And not to forget about all those itchy spots I wake up with.

Thankfully, I have my trusted witch hazel as it really helps soothe down the skin (actually, any type of skin inflammation) and in a few hours, the bites are gone.

Prevents Razor Bumps

Being a girl can sometimes be so annoying, right? Somedays, waxing doesn't suit us and we reach out for our good 'ol razor when we need to rock that mini dress. But what about razor bumps?! Thankfully, we have the perfect solution to that.

After shaving your legs (or arms or whatever), pour a few drops into a cotton pad and run it over your skin's surface and voila, razor bums are history!

Treats Sunburn

To avoid that annoying feeling when your skin is itching, hurting and peeling off at the same time, always wear your sunscreen. Because nothing hurts more than a bad sunburn (okay, your fave TV show getting canceled hurts more but you get the point). 

For those unfortunate times, apply a few drops of witch hazel to the affected area as it's cooling effect will help calm the inflamed skin and will also ease the sunburn in no time.

Ready to try some witchcraft witch hazel today?

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