The True Meaning Behind Outer And Inner Beauty, According To Ayurveda Experts

The True Meaning Behind Outer And Inner Beauty, According To Ayurveda Experts

Beauty has many meanings to many people--for some, it lies in putting on their favourite shade of pink and for others, it's about looking at themselves in the mirror and smiling. For me, it's all of it--it's about feeling healthy from within, it's about nourishing my body, it's about looking after my skin and putting on my holy-grail lipstick. 

One philosophy that has been passed through generations to us is Ayurveda and we're trying to decipher what beauty really is according to this ancient school of thought.  

What Is Beauty According To Ayurveda?


Talking to Dr. Taruna Yadav, Senior Ayurveda Doctor at Forest Essentials, we learned that actually the secrets to beautiful skin and age-defying beauty has been known to Indian physicians for over six thousand years. This has been preserved in one of the world’s oldest systems of health care and healing, known as ‘Ayurveda’ or ‘Knowledge of Life’.

This ancient philosophy works on four levels: body, breath, mind and spirit – it is only when all these are in perfect harmony that you radiate not only outer but also inner beauty.

The first part talks about inner beauty which relates to one’s inner qualities which are largely due to one’s emotional and mental state of being. With concentration and discipline, just like the body can be purified and strengthened, the mind too can live upto its full potential. This involves developing and honing skills of intuition, compassion and care.

The second is our outer beauty which basically focusses on skin texture, body contours and quality of hair.

The third aspect of beauty in Ayurveda is an abstract concept called Ojas. This is a special quality that adds grace in daily movement and the stresses on freshness and vitality of the self. It is the attribution of magnetisism and the 'inner fire' of a person that makes them charismatic and radiant. 

Dr. Yadav further illustrates, "Ojas is the unifying factor of three vital essences. Prana or life breath or what many cultures refer to as spirit. Tejas or radiant energy, which naturally releases heat and light. ojas which by its very being is the by-product of healthy body tissue. The balanced functioning to these three life forces produces an outer effect of radiance and an inner sensation of bliss."


Here Are Some Basic Practices To Follow When We're Talking About A Healthy Body And Mind


According to Ritika Jayaswal, Founder & CEO, Nourish Mantra Ayurveda is actually tailor-made as per a person’s body and mind attributes. It believes in eliminating the root cause while being in harmony with nature. Hence, it looks at a more holistic idea of beauty and health. Here are some basic practices you can incorporate into your lifestyle for a robust living.

Getting Your Beauty Sleep

Ms. Jayaswal says that it is sleep according to the ancient philosophy that nourishes the body. Sleep is called Bhutdhatri in Ayurveda and it's the time when the body recoups and rejuvenates. Good sleep reduces the risk of heart diseases and improves blood circulation which is great for the body and also gives you glowing skin.

Focus On Your Nutrition

Ever heard of the saying we are what we eat? Ayurveda believes it too. They say that eating fresh, green, seasonal, and leafy vegetables is a great way to help your body get the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly.


Hydration Is Key

"In Ayurveda, the premise of the healthy functioning of the body and skin is ample hydration. One of the most fundamental ways of delivering hydration to the body is through the ritual of Ushapana. This is the first drink of water after one awakens from a night of deep sleep, which signals the body to stimulate and rejuvenate its cells, and prepares it for healthy functioning through the day", says Dr. Taruna Yadav.

Incorporate Meditation

Calming your mind for 5-20 minutes every day can do wonders. Post your exercise routine, lie down in Shavasana, and let the energy flow through your body. Focus on your breathing and practice techniques like Anulom-Vilom and deep breathing to calm a restless mind. 


Here Are Some Ayurvedic Products To Look Out For


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Moringa oil is loaded with antioxidants and acts as a natural barrier to your skin. It even repairs pollution damage on the skin while also having anti-aging properties. What's not to love?


Kokum And Castor Eye Makeup Cleanser


If you want to get into Ayurvedic beauty, using products that are made with natural ingredients and aren't harmful to your skin is a good place to start. This kokum and castor eye makeup cleanser helps get rid of all the dirt, grime, and product on the skin and is superb for a double cleanse. 

Ready to try out these age-old practices?

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