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Silicone Brush Vs Fingers - What's The Best Way To Apply A Face Pack?

Silicone Brush Vs Fingers - What's The Best Way To Apply A Face Pack?

There are three ways to apply a face pack - using your fingers, a silicone brush or a synthetic bristle brush. While fingers are the most inexpensive way to apply a face pack, let's not forget how unhygienic this method is. Dirty fingers will not only transfer dirt and bacteria to your face but will also mix with the face pack as well. Synthetic brushes are a safer option in this case. However, the only con to them is that plenty of product goes to waste as they get stuck in between the bristles. Since the silicone brush has no bristles and is cleaner than fingers, it is a great beauty tool for applying face packs. Let's learn more about silicone brushes today. 

What's A Silicone Brush & Why Do You Need It?

Woman using her fingers to apply a face pack

If you've used a frosting spatula before, you'll come to realise that a silicone brush looks similar to it. The face brush is super light to hold, and the spatula is silicone. The best part about using a silicone spatula is that it evenly applies the face pack to your skin without wasting any product.



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On the other hand, using your fingers to apply a face pack runs the risk of getting product stuck under the nails. Not to forget, smearing germs all over your face! The synthetic brush is no less of a hassle. Not only does the product stick to the bristles, but you also have to take extra effort to clean the brush after applying the face pack. (Product residue from the face pack can also damage the bristles and make it a breeding ground for bacteria) 

You don't have to go through any of that madness when you use a silicone spatula. It's easy to clean and rinse with plain water. Also, it instantly dries up after wiping it with a hand towel. Since silicone brushes dry up quickly and are squeaky clean most of the time, bacteria are not able to grow and thrive on it. 


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Anyone who has long fingernails and less patience should avoid using their fingers or synthetic brushes to apply a face pack. On the contrary, they should stick to using a silicone brush. It's not a high-maintenance beauty tool to take care of, and it makes face pack application a smooth and enjoyable process. Usually, spatulas come along with face products. However, if it doesn't, then you can buy one separately online for just a few rupees. 

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