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Zap Those Zits: 5 Weird Reasons You're Breaking Out & What You Can Do To Stop It

Zap Those Zits: 5 Weird Reasons You're Breaking Out & What You Can Do To Stop It

You're religiously following a 10-step Korean skincare routine, slathering the most expensive skincare products on your face, eating the healthiest of foods, but yet, you're still breaking out? It looks like someone needs to carry out a little self-investigation. While the common causes for acne are dehydration, lack of hygiene, a change in hormones and overproduction of oil, there are few uncommon ones we're yet to explore. 

5 Weird Reasons Why You're Breaking Out & What Can You Do About It

These weird reasons for breaking out will blow your mind!

You're Using Too Much of Pimple Cream

Don't confuse zit cream with a regular face cream. You see, zit creams should be applied on the pimple and not around the pimple or all over the face. Also, topically applying creams that have salicylic acid, sulphur and benzoyl peroxide, can dry out the skin and trigger it to produce more oil. You know what follows after, right? PIMPLES!

Solution: Apply the cream only on the pimple every alternate day.


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Not All Face Scrubs Are Innocent

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Not all expensive face scrubs guarantee results. Sometimes, a fancy face scrub could work wonders for someone else, but not for you. That's because it does not agree with your skin type. When choosing a face scrub, keep your skin type in mind and avoid ones that have microbeads, fragrances or walnuts shells in it. These ingredients can be rough on the skin and cause microtears. 

Solution: Use a chemical exfoliator like glycolic or lactic acid instead.

Hair Products Are To Blame

Sometimes, when we use shampoos, hairsprays, conditioners and other hair styling products, some of the product accidentally settles on our face, back and chest. If not washed away, they can clog the pores and cause breakouts.  

Solution: Use a toner to get rid of dirt and product residue. 


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Bae's Beard Is Deadly!

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No doubt your man looks like a studmuffin with a beard. However, if you zoom into his beard, you'll notice that his hair is pokey and rough. Making out with him feels great, but we wish the skin on your face could say the same thing. During a hot makeout sesh, his beard is going to brush you in the wrong way, create friction and irritate the skin. Thus, giving birth to more acne!

Solution: Be gentle while making out or request him to shave. 

Stop Touching Your Face So Much!

The more you touch your face, the more you smear bacteria and dirt on your face. If you're picking at your skin, then understand you're going to be damaging your skin and leaving behind scars. 

Solution: Wash your hands often. If a new zit has got your attention, put on a pimple patch and resist the urge to pop it. 

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These are some of the weird reasons for breaking out. Which of these are you guilty of doing? 

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