10 Weird Things Every Beauty Maven Has Done Atleast Once In Her Life

10 Weird Things Every Beauty Maven Has Done Atleast Once In Her Life

If you're obsessed with beauty, the chances are, you've spent a lot of time playing around with beauty trends. Be it makeup or skincare, the coolest, strangest of products and treatments, excite you. When you have free time in your hands, you're someone who watches makeup tutorials on loop and reviews beauty products on your blog. If this sounds like you, then we bet you've done these weird beauty things at least once in your life. 

10 Weird Things Every Beauty Maven Has Checked Off Her To-Do List

This is gonna be FUN!

1. Smearing Some Weird Stuff All Over Your Face

Charcoal for even-toned skin, snail mucus for dewy skin, bird poop for softer skin - the list goes on! Come to think of it, how would you know if these ingredients and products work for your skin if you don't give them a shot, right?

The Skin Concept Intense Wrinkle Care Snail Cream

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2. Cutting Your Own Locks At Home

Ahh! This is one of the most popular weird beauty things you've done during the pandemic. While some ladies have done a decent job at chopping their locks, it's ended in disaster for most of them. We think some things are best left for the professionals to do, what say?

3. Spending Lots of Moolah On Makeup

As soon as the salary gets credited, you've loaded your cart with new beauty products. Do you really need two new lipsticks with identical shades? Nah, not really! But who cares? They spark joy! And that's all that matters. 


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4. Owning Dozens Of Makeup Sponges

Nothing grinds your gears more than the sight of unwashed beauty sponges. But do you anything about it? Yes! You buy a new one!

5. Bleaching Your Face At Home

Even though bleach makes your facial hair look like a lion's golden mane, you still go back to it. Another fact about bleach is that it's not gentle on the skin. If it does not agree with your skin, it will make it itchy as hell!

Skin Care

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6. Spending An Hour Getting That Winged-Liner Right

No doubt, the winged-liner looks gorgeous, but it's a pain to do! If you're a beginner, at least 30 minutes to an hour will only go in perfecting this eyeliner style. Apart from owning a good liquid liner, to do perfect wings, you've got to have two things - patience and skill. You'll get there after your 10th attempt for sure! 

7. Owning 10 Different Shades of Red Lipstick

To many people, red is just one type of colour. To you, there's more to the colour red than meets the eye. Only you know that two shades of red are not alike. There's brick red, cherry red, scarlet red, merlot red, berry red - you know the shades of red lipsticks better than you know yourself #Hardfacts


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8. You Wear A Full Face of Makeup At Home!

You have nowhere to go and no one to meet during this pandemic. Even if that's the case, it ain't stopping you from experimenting with makeup looks! After all, it would be such a shame to watch all that expensive makeup go to waste. Rather than it sitting in the drawer, it looks better on your face!

9. You're The Queen At Beauty Challenges

Whenever there's new beauty trend or challenge on the 'Gram, you and your squad of beauty lovers are the first to take a go at it. Whether it's holding a plank positive over dozens of lipsticks or trying the 'pass the brush' challenge, you're always ahead of the game.


10. You Slap On A Sheet Mask Anywhere, Anytime!

When you're bored, when you're tired or feeling stressed - you always take comfort in a good hydrating sheet mask. The best part is that you don't have a specific time or schedule to slap on one, you do as you please! 



K.Play Lychee Hydrating Sheet Mask

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So beauty maven, how many of these weird beauty things have you done? We bet you've been there, done that on ALL of them. 

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