From 'Latermoon' To 'Minimony': Wedding Terms Every Bride Must Know In This Covid World

From 'Latermoon' To 'Minimony': Wedding Terms Every Bride Must Know In This Covid World

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives as we know it. From online classes for children to ‘work from couch’ for us, this year has been just about adapting to the ‘new normal’. With COVID-19 taking over the world, the wedding industry has also been forced to adapt to changing formats of shaadi and engagement ceremonies. Several couples, in the last few months, have been coming up with beautiful ways to celebrate their special day. Our social media handles are always brimming with pictures of lockdown weddings--each more gorgeous than the next--and no, we aren’t complaining!

With everything changing, a lot of new terminology--from 'social distancing' to 'flatten the curve'--has been added to our daily vocabulary. And this article is all about the new wedding terminology that every bride-to-be must know about. 

10 Wedding Terms That Brides Must Add To Their Vocabulary In 2020!

From latermoon to minimony, here are some of the wedding terms that we found interesting and fit aptly to the current situation. 

PS: Some of them are so cool that we’re wondering why we didn’t use them earlier!

1. Latermoon


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this word? Well, if you’re thinking 'honeymoon' then you’re on the right track. Unlike a honeymoon (which is taken immediately after the shaadi), latermoon is actually a holiday that couples would take several weeks or months after their wedding. ‘Coz it’s not recommended to travel RN.

2. Belated Bach

TBH, I wasn’t able to guess what it might mean when I first read this term. And for those like me, who’re wondering too, a belated bach is referred to a delayed bachelor/bachelorette party. Yes, it can still be hosted before the wedding, but a delayed bach is a party that is ideally hosted after the shaadi.

3. Micro Wedding

Micro weddings are shaadis, which are typically low-key with not more than 50 guests. While all the traditions remain the same, they happen on a much smaller scale--like many of the lockdown weddings these days.

4. Corona Bride


Now this one isn’t difficult, right!? Anyone who is getting married or engaged during the coronavirus pandemic is a Corona bride/groom. So ladies, if you’re one of the brides, who’ve cancelled or postponed their shaadis after the global health crisis began in March 2020, then you’re a Corona bride.

5. Minimony

There’s a micro wedding and then there is something called minimony. As cute as this word is, a minimony is a tiny wedding ceremony with just 10 people in attendance. We’ve been witnessing many minimonies in the past months, right?

6. Socially Distant Wedding

Social distancing is one word that we’ve heard a lottt ever since the pandemic struck the world. A socially distant wedding is the one where all social distancing measures are in place--be it a limited number of guests or a special seating system.

7. Sequel Wedding

Yes, the weddings these days are more intimate and virtual, but every couple has the right to have the dream wedding they’ve always wanted. So if you’re a bride, who is planning to have grand celebrations after the world is free of Covid, then that will be your sequel wedding.

8. Wifelorette

A wifelorette is a party that’s organised for a woman after her wedding if the bride’s bachelor party didn’t happen before her shaadi. Hey grooms, are you listening?

9. Unsave The Date


We all know about the term, ‘Save the Date’, don’t we? Considering the pandemic situation, a lot of couples had to postpone or cancel their wedding even at the last moment. So, ‘Unsave The Date’ announcements are made to inform the guests about the same.

10. COVID couple

Very similar to Corona bride, COVID couple refers to the couples who are planning a wedding during the pandemic. Well, we know that Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh haven’t confirmed anything as yet, but they might be a Covid couple. 

Ready to add these terms to your dictionaries, brides?

Featured Image: Instagram/Paran Singh/Vasundhara Sharma