Don't Scratch The Itch: These Tips Will Help You Minimize Eczema Flareups During Winter

Don't Scratch The Itch: These Tips Will Help You Minimize Eczema Flareups During Winter

Winter is coming and you know what that means – dry, flaky skin and for a few even eczema. Due to the drop in temperature, eczema flare-ups are pretty common as the skin becomes dry ‘coz of the lack of moisture in the air. If you suffer from eczema skin, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about as many people are affected by this skin issue, even those with oily skin.

But you don’t need to dread the cold season. We’ve noted down a few easy-to-follow tips which you can incorporate into your beauty routine right now so that when the weather changes and the cool winds start blowing, you needn’t worry about eczema popping up all over your body.

What Is Eczema?

Before getting into the preventive measures, you first need to understand what this skin problem actually is and what causes it. Eczema is usually common during the winter season due to the cold weather. When you start to develop dry, itchy, red and inflamed patches on your skin, it is most likely eczema. In mild cases, these patches disappear within a week after using the prescribed creams and lotions but in more severe cases, they tend to be painful and terribly itchy, they last longer and can occur on any part of the body.

Eczema can occur at any stage of one’s life, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly wake up with this rash on your skin. The main causes include cold weather, dry skin, genetics, allergens or even certain products like detergent and soaps that may not agree with your skin. Although it is not contagious, those with severe eczema are more prone to developing warts, cold sores, and even athlete's foot.

How To Prevent Eczema Flare-Ups This Winter?

If you suffer from eczema, there’s no need to dread the cold weather. Since the cold has not yet settled in, you can start taking the necessary precautions right now, to avoid any flare-ups later. Keep on scrolling to learn about what you can do to keep these dry patches at bay.

Go Heavy On The Moisturiser


Eczema forms when the skin lacks the necessary moisture it needs to keep it soft and supple. So, the simple solution to eliminate or reduce this skin issue is to moisturise regularly. If you’ve been using gel-based moisturisers, it’s beneficial to switch to heavier formulas like shea butter, if your skin gets dry during winter. You also have plenty of moisturisers that are approved by the National Eczema Association to treat eczema-prone skin.


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Switch To Mild Skincare Products


Products with harsh chemicals or fragrances can irritate the skin during wintertime. Since our skin becomes more sensitive during winter, switch to skincare products that are enriched with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

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Avoid Hot Showers


Yes, we understand how good a hot shower feels on a cold winter’s morning, but it can damage the skin and make you more prone to developing eczema. Hot water disrupts the skin’s pH levels and strips away the natural oils, fats and proteins, leaving it dry and dull. Opt for lukewarm baths instead and apply a body cream as soon as you get out of the shower to lock in the moisture.

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Use A Humidifier


While there are no scientific studies that prove humidifiers help cure eczema, people have found it helpful. Since there is a lack of moisture in the air during winter, indoors and outdoors, the skin tends to get dry, flaky and even develop cracks. Using a humidifier helps add moisture back into the air, in turn, keeping away eczema.


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There’s no need to feel embarrassed if you have eczema-prone skin. With the right routines and products, it’s easy to get rid of them.


Featured Image: Pexels