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This Post Shampoo Routine Is All You Need To Save Yourself From A Bad Hair Day

This Post Shampoo Routine Is All You Need To Save Yourself From A Bad Hair Day

Let’s face it, a bad hair day can ruin our entire mood. Sometimes even a quick wash before leaving the house can do more damage than good, especially for those with curly hair. So how do you solve this conundrum within minutes? -- ‘Coz let’s face it, there are days when we are pressed for time and need a quick solution. Well, we’re here to tell you that it is possible to keep your mane in place with just a simple wash-and-go -- no styling equipment required. All you’ll need is water, hair cleansing products suited for your hair type and your styling creams or gels.

How To Perfect The Wash-And-Go Method

The next time you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go to the salon, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Cleanse With A Clarifying Shampoo

Cleanse Your Hair

This is a no brainer. Cleansing your hair with shampoo helps remove the buildup of debris, dirt, oils and other pollutants, giving you a fresh, clean mane to work with. Just like cleansing your face before applying any products, in the same way, cleansing your hair can help your styling products work better.


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Step 2: Condition Your Strands

Many people believe that conditioner doesn’t make much of a difference and that it’s not necessary to include it into your hair care routine -- this is completely wrong. After cleansing your hair, the strands need hydration for it to not look dry and lifeless. Here’s where conditioners come to the rescue. Conditioner helps moisturise the hair strands and also smooths down hair cuticles while making the detangling process so much easier and less painful.


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Step 3: Comb It Out

Comb It Out

While some choose to brush their hair after applying conditioner and before washing it off, others do it when it’s completely dry. This is up to you. But for those with curly hair, in order to avoid the frizz, it’s beneficial to get rid of the hair knots while you still have conditioner on or while your hair is still wet. This will help you achieve more defined curls rather than dealing with a frizz-feast on your head.

Step 4: Styling Products Are Important

Your wash-and-go method isn’t complete without styling products. To have a good hair day, you need to incorporate a hair cream, gel or serum into your post-wash routine to set it all in place. These products will not only add that shine and volume to your strands but also protect it from environmental stressors. But don’t wait for your hair to completely dry out to add these products, if you want to see good results, apply it while it’s still damp.

Since straight hair is the easiest hair type to style, a simple hair cream or texturizing spray is good enough to complete the wash-and-go method and to get envious locks.


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Those with wavy hair will need lightweight products like mousses, oil gels or leave-in conditioner to help minimize the frizz.


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If you have curly hair, it will take more than just one simple lightweight product. Since curls need extra moisture, you can layer on a hair cream followed by a hair gel to keep your hair looking shiny and bouncy the entire day.


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Those who fall under the kinky hair category which includes 4A, 4B & 4C curl type need heavy products to keep the hair hydrated and moisturised. If you have kinky hair, look for products which are enriched with oils.


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Step 5: Hair Gloss (optional)

Hair Gloss (optional)

This step is optional. If you want to really lock your strands in place, you can finish your wash-and-go method by using a hair spray or gloss to keep it looking shiny and bouncy. You can also invest in a diffuser if you are not a fan of air drying but also don’t want to damage your stands with continuous use of heat. This hair dryer attachment helps disperses the air to reduce frizz.


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Banish bad hair days for good with this easy wash and go hair routine.

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