This Is Why The Nail Polish On Your Feet Looks Fresh & Lasts Longer!

This Is Why The Nail Polish On Your Feet Looks Fresh & Lasts Longer!

I had this crazy thought in the shower the other day that why does the nail polish on my feet last longer than on my hands? After giving it some thought, I finally found the answer! It's because our hands do ALL the hard work. We use our hands to wash, clean, eat, cook, find stuff in our handbag - it's a no-brainer that we use our fingers more often than our toes. 

Since we use our hands to do all sorts of chores, our nails are bound to pay the price for it. Our fingernails come in contact with various surfaces throughout the day and sooner or later, the colour fades. While there's nothing we can do to avoid it, there are ways to make the nail polish last longer. 

How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

You spent time, effort and maybe even money on it... It better stay put for long! 

Apply A Top Coat

So you've applied a top coat after painting your nails, is it? Good job! After a few days, apply another topcoat. This cool trick will extend the life of your manicure. Plus, it gives your nails more protection as well! 

Bonus Top Coat!

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Make Sure That Your Nails Are Squeaky Clean


Before applying nail polish, make sure that you've cleaned your nails. It should be free from old nail polish, product residue from hand creams and oils. Unclean nails will prevent the polish from sticking to your nails. 


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Don't Stop Till You Reach The Ends

One sure way to make your nail polish last longer is to apply top coat all the way to the edge of the nails. This prevents nail polish from chipping and fading away. If you do end up staining the skin around the nails, no worries, dip a q-tip in nail polish remover and gently wipe the stain off. 

Apply Basecoat On The Tips Of Your Nails


If you've noticed, it's usually the tip of your nail that's prone to chipping. A cool way to prevent that from happening is to apply two coats of basecoat on the tips. Try it to believe it!

Dip Your Fingernails Into A Chilled Bowl of Water

Whatever you do, do not blow air at your nails. Hot hair prevents the nail polish from drying quickly and ruins its formula. You need to dip your fingertips into an ice-cold bowl of water so that they can dry faster.


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Use Cutlery For Food, Not Your Fingers!


Turmeric is one of the most popular spices used in Indian cuisines. While it's good for health, the yellow pigments found in turmeric can stain the clothes and the skin. If you've just gotten a manicure done, avoid using your fingers to eat your food, use cutlery instead. 

And that's how you make that pretty manicure last longer!

Featured Image: Unsplash