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6 Questions To Ask Your Salon Before Booking An Appointment During COVID-19

6 Questions To Ask Your Salon Before Booking An Appointment During COVID-19

Almost the entire year has gone by and there's no end in sight to this pandemic. While things have almost completely opened up, the daily COVID numbers tell us another story. We have kind of adapted to the new normal- learned how to use Zoom, how to wear masks, and how to not step out even for a walk without a sanitizer. 

While there are some services that are essential and unavoidable like grocery runs or doctor's appointments, things like going to the salon can leave one confused. While we are sure that all the places are following the safety guidelines given by the government and are making sure maximum levels of hygiene are maintained, it is still a risk you're taking.

To help you make a decision, we thought we'd list down a few questions to ask your beauty salon before booking an appointment.  

Questions To Ask Before Scheduling Your Next Salon Appointment

Give your beauty professionals a call and clear out all your doubts before asking them to reserve a time slot for you.

Salons During Pandemic

Are They Following The Government Approved Guidelines In Their Salon?

Each state has its own guidelines when it comes to salons so asking them if proper government protocol is being followed is a good place to start. For example, the Maharashtra government has ordered that all workstations must be sanitised after every service and common areas like floors must be sanitised every two hours. 

Do They Require Clients To Wear Masks Throughout The Time?

This is extremely crucial- clients should be asked to keep their masks on the whole time. If your salon says that it is suggested and not mandatory to wear masks inside, it should be a red flag.

Are They Limiting The Number Of People Inside At Once?

This of course depends on the size of the salon and how many services they have but limiting the number of clients is important for social distancing purposes. You don't want to be crossing paths with more people than required, do you?

What Safety Precautions Are They Taking For Their Clients?

Your beautician or hairdresser would be coming into contact with so many people throughout the day and that can be scary. Ask your salon if there are regular temperature checks for clients and professionals both and if the rooms are small and enclosed or large and ventilated. 

How Many People Is One Beauty Professional Servicing?

Again, to limit your exposure, it's important to know how many people your nail technicians, hairstylists, or other beauty professionals are meeting in a day. This will give you an idea if your salon is really keeping social distancing norms in mind or not.

Questions To Ask Salon During A Pandemic

Do They Have Contactless Payment Options In Place?

The lesser number of public surfaces you touch, the better it is. So ask the receptionist if they have a contactless payment method cause card machines etc would have been touched by so many people. You can pay on your phone via Google Pay or Paytm so that you can pay without increasing your chances of exposure. 

Word of caution though: even if they are following protocols extremely well, don't forget to take your own precautions. Carry sanitizing wipes, sanitizer, wear a mask and avoid touching your face.



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Stay safe and stay healthy!

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