Look Like A Smokeshow With The Only Eye Makeup Product You'll Need This Festive Season

Look Like A Smokeshow With The Only Eye Makeup Product You'll Need This Festive Season

Remember those good old days, when all you needed was a piece of chalk and the entire world was your drawing board? Whether it was drawing on the classroom board, on the road, making the hopscotch design or just writing your name in big, bold writing using colourful chalks (white, pink, yellow, blue and purple)--it's getting nostalgic in here!

But then, you know, we grew up and life happened. *sigh*

Nothing excites us than thinking about those little things that brought us pure joy when we were kids, right? And chalks were really something. And if you miss playing with them, we have something that'll evoke that inner child in you!

Everyone, let's talk about eye chalks!

Makeup Must-Have: Eye Chalks

Eye chalks are exactly what you think they are--chalks for your eyes.

This glamourous, must-have makeup product is for everyone who wants their eyes to make a statement. Just a swipe of these best eye chalks on your lids and you'll know what we're raving about. But how can we describe an eye chalk for you if you haven't even tried it? If an eyeshadow and a kohl liner had a baby, this is gonna be it!

With that being said, here are our top picks for this festive season.

Pop Of Pink

There's no denying that brighter shades are making a comeback, thanks to all the Instagram trends we've seen this year. And if you are someone who can paint the town pink if given a chance, then you're going to love this pink metallic eye chalk.

Rose Radiance is a pink shade with blue undertones that is perfect for the upcoming season. Just apply a base and coat your eyes with it and that's it. Or You can either create a stunning, metallic cat-eye.

You can also go one step further and create a smokey effect by applying a black kohl liner on your upper lashes and smudging it using your fingers. Or two coats of a blue mascara would work just fine.


Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk - Rose Radiance

INR 890 AT MyGlamm


BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara - Blue


The Midas Touch

Gold on eyes can never go out of style.

It not only looks elegant but it also accentuates your natural eye colour. Just a stroke of this metallic gold eye chalk on your eyes and we bet no one will be able to take their eyes off you. You can also use to take your black smokey eye up a pop by applying it on the inner corner of your eyes or by simply doing an exaggerated gold eye makeup because we know, you're a little extra like that.

PS: You can also use this gold eye chalk as an amazing face chalk to highlight your cheekbones and collar bones ;)


Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk - Gold Touch

INR 890 AT MyGlamm

'Coz Purple Is Always A Good Idea

If you want to add a bit of colour to your eyes without going OTT with brighter shades, you're going to love this one. Violet Rush is a metallic purple eye chalk that will look so stunning with all the festive outfits you're planning to wear. Not a lot of people realise this but purple is a very versatile shade and actually looks great with both western and Indian wear.

Just go crazy with it on your eyes, pair it with a nude lippe and you're #InstaReady in no time!


Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk - Violet Rush

INR 890 AT MyGlamm


Perfect Curves Matte Lip Crayon - Spice

INR 695 AT MyGlamm

Ready to play with (eye) chalks again?

Featured Image: Instagram