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Keeping It Spec-tacular: The Ultimate Makeup Guide For People Who Wear Glasses

Keeping It Spec-tacular: The Ultimate Makeup Guide For People Who Wear Glasses

Specs are totally in trend. Yeah, it's almost strange that they are but the whole geek chic vibe is currently being loved by everyone. So, the next time you find yourself reaching for your contacts- don't. Glasses actually bring the attention to your face so if you're a makeup fanatic, this accessory will only add to your look. 

You can actually make your eyes big and noticeable with the tips and tricks we have in store for you. After all, we glass-girls need to band together! 

8 Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Ditch The Black Liner And Choose A Colour Instead

To make your eyes pop beneath your glasses, ditch the black eyeliner and opt for shades of navy and deep burgundy. For a night out, choose sparkly liners- these shades look great with all eye colours and with all hair tones too. Keep the thickness of your liner the same as the thickness of your frames so that all that effort doesn't get lost.


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Keep Your Lids Shimmery And Bright

The darker the eye makeup you choose, the more tired and swollen your eyes will look. Hence, focus on using neural shadows that are light and shimmery. Shadows like gold, champagne, and holographic ones look great under specs.


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Apply Concealer On The Red Marks Glasses Leave

Do you know that red, sunken marks that your specs leave on the side of your nose? Cover that up with some extra concealer if you need to for a smooth base. Prime your skin as usual and then dab in concealer where the marks are. That way if you want to remove your specs later, you'll still have a perfect base. 

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Remember To Curl Your Lashes

Curly, fluttery lashes will not only prevent them from banging into your glasses but will also make your eyes look bigger. So, before you apply mascara, spend some time curling your lashes with a lash curler for an extra flirty look.

Make Up

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Blot And Set The Foundation On Your Face

Sometimes you'll notice that makeup gets removed from the skin and comes onto your spectacles. To prevent that, always blot your foundation especially on and around your nose. This transfer usually happens when your skin becomes too oily so setting your cream products in place is important. 

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Complement Your Bold Frames With A Bold Lip

For lips, don't shy away from using a red lipstick or a deep maroon. Even a hot pink lip will go well with your specs and add some bright colour to your face. This is of course if the statement frames are black or dark brown but if they are coloured like a teal or blue then opt for more subtle coloured lipsticks like browns and neutral pinks. 


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Load On The Mascara On The Roots Of Your Lashes

When applying mascara, apply one coat from the roots to the tips like you normally would and then keep the focus on the roots. The idea is to make them heavy from the base so that they don't fall back straight, instead, remain curled. 


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Use White Or Nude In Your Lower Lashline

Did you know that using white or beige in your lower waterline gives the illusion of larger and more defined eyes? This is a handy tip if you're near-sighted and your glasses make your eyes look smaller. You can also use a cue tip to dry your eyes which will make your liner last longer.


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Ready to look spec-tacular?

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