What Cause Skin Tags? And Everything You Need To Know To Get Rid Of Them

Skin Tag Removal Home Remedies

The human body is continuously undergoing changes, especially the epidermis. Our skin is the largest organ in the entire body and after the age of 25, it requires all the nutrients it can get to help keep it supple and soft. As we grow older, we have to face more and more skin issues, some benign while others may be a bit problematic. One of these issues includes skin tags.

So, what are skin tags? If you’ve noticed an unusual growth on your skin which resembles a scab or wart but is connected by a small, thin stalk, it’s likely a skin tag. Skin tags can occur anywhere on the body, but the most common areas include the folds of the skin, specifically in areas like armpits, groin, thighs, eyelids, neck and even under your breast. Unfortunately, even in 2021, the exact cause for this skin issue is still unknown. While ‘what causes skin tags’ is still undetermined, there are plenty of creams and home remedies to remove skin tags. Yes, skin tag removal natural home remedies exist. 

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    How To Identify Skin Tags

    Looking for skin tag removal medicine in India? If you’re wondering how to identify skin tags, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The best way to identify if the growth on your skin is a skin tag is by checking if it has a narrow stalk that’s attached to the skin. This stem-like stalk is called the peduncle and unlike moles, the scab tends to hang off this stem. Skin tags are also soft to touch, small in size and can be either your skin colour or darker.

    What Causes Skin Tags?

    How to remove skin tags naturally is a question that is often googled by people. While there is no concrete evidence that proves why this happens, many experts believe that the main cause is friction which is why you find them mostly under or near skin folds. These tags are not contagious as they are just made up of blood vessels and collagen.

    Skin Tag Removal Creams In India

    If you’re searching for the best creams to remove skin tags, we’ve noted down a few. Using these creams continuously can reduce or eliminate your skin tags. But if you’re searching for how to remove skin tags in one night, we hate to break it to you, these creams will take time, so don’t expect overnight results.

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    HaloDerm Skin Tag Remover & Mole Remover

    Skin Care

    HaloDerm Skin Tag Remover & Mole Remover

    INR 3,929 AT HaloDerm

    HaloDerm is the most popular cream to remove skin tags. Enriched with a blend of 6 homoeopathic ingredients and no acidic formulas, this cream will help eliminate those pesky skin tags in 7-10 days while being gentle on the skin. Best of all, it is suitable for all skin types. Using it is pretty simple as well. All you need to do is clean the area, apply the cream and wait for the skin tag to dry and fall off on its own. This will take a couple of weeks. HaloDerm goes after the root of your skin tag and removes it for good.

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    Pureauty Naturals Skin Tag And Mole Cream

    Skin Care

    Skin tag and mole cream by pureauty naturals

    INR 3,899 AT Meraz Pureauty Naturals

    Packed with natural ingredients, this is one of the best creams to remove skin tags and moles on any part of the body. So, what’s so great about this skin tag removal cream? Well, not only does it get rid of the pesky tags, but it also acts as a moisturiser and leaves you with a healthy complexion. Other pros to note is that it is gentle on sensitive skin, has soothing properties, long-lasting effect, and you don’t need to deal with any unpleasant fragrance.

    Dr. King’s Skin Tag Remover

    Skin Care

    Dr. King's Natural Medicine Skin Tag Remover

    INR 2,009 AT dr. king's natural medicine

    Here’s another cream to remove skin tags which you’ll love. The Dr King’s Skin Tag Remover is enriched with tea tree oil and removes everything from warts, tags and moles, leaving you with soft, smooth skin after a couple of weeks. Plus, since it’s made from all-natural ingredients, you needn’t worry about side effects, and it’s suitable for all skin types.

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    ProVent Skin Tag Remover All-Natural Topical Liquid Remover

    Skin Care

    ProVent Skin Tag Remover All Natural Topical Liquid Remover

    INR 1,179 AT provent

    Enriched with natural oils and homoeopathic remedies, this oil will eliminate bothersome skin tags within a couple of weeks. While the surgical cost of skin tag removal is not within everyone’s budget, this is the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of them. By applying this oil 3 times a day, the tags will slowly dry and fade away after a couple of weeks, leaving you with smooth skin.

    Home Remedies For Skin Tag Removal

    If you’re looking for home remedies to remove skin tags, you’re in luck! There are a number of ingredients in your kitchen cabin that can help get rid of skin tags. Scroll down to find out how to remove skin tags at home.

    Note: When it comes to your skin, it’s always beneficial to get a professional opinion first before taking matters into your own hands. 

    Apple Cider Vinegar


    Clearly, there’s nothing that apple cider vinegar can’t do. From keeping the pimples at bay to eliminating acne scars along with other health benefits--- it’s safe to say, apple cider is a magic ingredient. Now you can add skin tag removal to the list as well. The acidic properties of ACV can dry out the skin tag and leave you with soft, smooth skin.

    All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place the cotton ball on the infected area. You can strap it on with a medical tape. Do this daily and keep it on for a couple of hours if you want to see visible change.



    Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic has always been one of the most popular options to get rid of moles and skin tags. If you’re wondering how to remove skin tags naturally, try using a bit of garlic on the skin tag. To reap its benefits, take 2 or 3 pods of garlic and create a paste. Apply this paste on the skin tag and leave it on for an hour before washing it off with a mild cleanser. Do this regularly for noticeable results.



    Another amazing home remedy to remove skin tags is ginger. Ginger has many benefits it is filled with bioactive compounds and nutrients that heal the skin faster and eliminate skin tags. While using ginger, first clean the skin thoroughly before rubbing ginger on the infected area. Do this daily if you want smooth, soft skin.

    Baking Soda


    For those who are prone to moles and skin tags, the number one question on their google search is how to remove skin tags. Baking soda is another way you can remove skin tags naturally without the use of chemicals. Since the properties in baking soda alter our skin’s pH levels and hinder the growth of skin tags-causing bacteria, using this ingredient daily can help you kiss those pesky skin tags goodbye. All you need to do is mix a bit of baking soda with a little castor oil and apply the paste on the skin tag. Wash it off after a couple of hours and repeat this process daily if you want to restore your skin to its smooth skin tag free skin.

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    Surgical Procedures To Remove Skin Tags

    If none of the above options seems to be working or you don’t want to risk it by trying a DIY, you can always opt for a surgical procedure. The cost of skin tag removal is a bit pricey but if you’re wondering how to remove skin tags in one night, then this is your best bet. Here are 3 common procedures doctors perform to get rid of skin tags.Also, don’t fall prey to buying an at-home skin tag removal machine, always consult your dermatologist first. 

    Cutting / Slicing It Off

    This painful procedure includes using a scalpel or surgical scissors to cut or scrape off the skin tag. If the tag is growing from deep within the epidermis, in order to prevent regrowth, doctors might need to cut open the skin and make a deeper incision to remove the entire thing.

    Freezing It

    Another common medical procedure that helps get rid of skin tags is using liquid nitrogen to freeze it. The doctor simply sprays the infected area to dry out the mole or skin tag, eliminating it immediately.

    Burning It

    This doesn’t include fire but electric current. The doctor allows electric current to pass through a wire and then uses this hot wire to burn off the top layer of skin.

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    It’s 2020 and you shouldn’t be worried about how to remove skin tags anymore. There are plenty of options available in the market that will leave you with soft, smooth skin.

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