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#GetTheLook: Ananya Panday's Pink & Coral Duo Makeup Look Is Candy To Our Eyes!

#GetTheLook: Ananya Panday's Pink & Coral Duo Makeup Look Is Candy To Our Eyes!

There are two types of women out there - one, who plays it safe with makeup and the other, who has fun with it. Ananya Panday hails from the latter! The young and bold Bollywood diva recently took to the 'Gram to share her behind the scenes look for a renowned performance footwear company. You guys HAVE to see the picture. Our girl is on fire!

From the space buns to her polka dot crop to her vibrant makeup look - she's the epitome of beauty! While we're lovin' her style here, we're a little more obsessed with her makeup look. The best part is that it's insanely easy to achieve!

How To Do Ananya Panday's Pink & Coral Duo Makeup Look Like A Pro!

First things first, you've got to appreciate the fact that Ananya Panday is pulling off two pop colours - pink and coral. These colours can easily overpower each other if not balanced. That's not the issue here because Ananya is carrying them off with grace and confidence. Let's learn how to do this makeup look today!

What You Need

  • Pink blush
  • Coral eyeshadow
  • Mauve pink lipstick
  • White kohl liner pencil
  • Highlighter 
  • Brow liner
  • Mascara 

How To Get The Look

Step 1: After doing your makeup base, apply eyeshadow primer to prep the lids for eye shadow. 

Make Up

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer

INR 499 AT Wet & Wild

Step 2: Apply white eyeshadow on your lids first as this will make the coral eyeshadow colour pop. 

Make Up

Nyx Professional Makeup Eye Shadow Base

INR 1,400 AT Nyx Professional Makeup

Step 3: Pick up a little bit of coral eyeshadow product with a crease brush and apply a light wash of coral colour on the lids and above the crease. 

Make Up

Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye shadow Palette - Coral Sunset

INR 599 AT Lakmé

Step 4: Use a black kohl pencil to tightline the upper waterline and line your lower waterline with a white kohl pencil (This will make the eyes look bigger and wider) 


Jet Set Eyes Kajal Eyeliner - Noir

INR 750 AT MyGlamm

Step 5: Finish the eye makeup look off by apply highlighter to the inner corners and coating your lashes with mascara


Twist It Mascara

INR 645 AT MyGlamm

Step 6: Use a brow liner to groom and fill in your brows. 


Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner Brow Powder - Ebony & Walnut

INR 1,095 AT MyGlamm

Step 7: Apply rosy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. 


K.Play Flavoured Blush - Juicy Strawberry

INR 645 AT MyGlamm

Step 8: Paint your pout with a pink mauve lipstick. 


POSE HD Lipstick - Nude Mauve

INR 599 AT MyGlamm

Step 9: To accentuate your facial features, apply highlighter product above your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow and brow line. 


POSE HD Highlighter Duo - Champagne | Rose Gold

INR 699 AT MyGlamm

Step 10: Finally, for a glowy, dewy finish, use a makeup setting spray! 


Make Up

Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Hydrating 3-in-1 Setting Spray

INR 2,950 AT Bobbi Brown

And that's how you do it!

If you feel like having fun with makeup, you should give Ananya's peppy makeup look a shot. Good luck!

Featured Image: Instagram