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For The Love Of Braids: 5 Hair Tutorials That People With Short Hair Can Follow

For The Love Of Braids: 5 Hair Tutorials That People With Short Hair Can Follow

Honestly, you have short hair and think braids ain't the hairstyle for you then girl, you're pretty mistaken. Braids are actually the most versatile hairdo that go well with any length. You can show off a gorgeous hair crown to go with your floral dress for a brunch or even mask bad hair days thanks to them- no washing or styling required. 

To crush the misconception that only people with long hair can experiment with braids, we've got some gorgeous inspiration for you. So, let's get, set, braid! 

Here Are Step-By-Step Tutorials To Braid Short Hair

A Classic French Braid

Trust us, French braids aren't as complicated as they look. It's a great hairstyle that doubles up for work, college, and even a workout or grocery run. All you've got to do it take a section of your hair from the crown and start braiding. As you do, keep taking strands of hair from the side to add it to your updo. 


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Crown Braid Fairy

Crown braids can be done on all hair types and lengths and also look great if you have extensions on. All you've to do is mold your short hair down using a gel and then create the braid, securing then in place as a crown with bobby pins. You could even wear a think headband underneath the braids to really make sure they stay in place. 

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Waterfall Braid

Everything about this waterfall braid is gorgeous and it's a great way to turn your bed hair into a chic, office hairdo. Start with adding dry shampoo for texture and then part your hair to the side and get braiding. 



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Dutch Braids All The Way

Dutch braids are equal parts boho and fresh and are a great way of masking uneven growth. This hairstyle works well on naturally straight or wavy hair so try making it once your hair is almost dry after the shower. Add some face jewels and Euphoria style makeup and you're ready for a music festival!


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Side Snake Braid

For people who want to have a braid in their hair without actually having it tied up can go for a tiny snake braid on the side. Start off with blow-drying your hair and taking out the side parting you want. Then take a small strand of your hair and braid it normally. Hold onto the middle section, while pulling the two side ones up into a loose snake shape. Pin it in place and add some hairspray. 


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So, trying out a new braiding technique this week?

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