Winged Or Cateye? The Perfect Eyeliner Style To Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Winged Or Cateye? The Perfect Eyeliner Style To Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ladies, if you're going to be ogling away at your crush, you might as well use your peepers to impress the guy. One way to catch his eye is to sport a sexy eyeliner style. It could be fancy. It could be super basic. The point here is to find an eyeliner style that highlights your features and complements your personality in the best way possible. If you can't decide which eyeliner style to pick, let your zodiac sign do that for you!

The Perfect Eyeliner Style To Try According To Your Zodiac

After all, eye contact is the first form of nonverbal communication *Wink*

Aries - Square Eyeliner

You are a trendsetter, Aries. Standing out from the crowd is something that comes naturally to you. Since the square eyeliner style has a futuristic vibe to it, sporting this eye makeup look to an event is bound to fetch you plenty of compliments. If you're feeling a little bold and adventurous, instead of black eyeliner, choose a bright colour like lavender or seaweed green.


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Taurus - Brown Wings

Black eyeliner is too simple for you, Taurus. Brown eyeliner is more of your style. Earthy colours suit you. If we might add, you're someone who likes to dress up for yourself and not for the world. This brown winged eyeliner style will give you a confidence boost and make you feel like the prettiest woman in the room.

Gemini - Electric Orange

Dear Gemini, you are a ball of energy! You have a young soul and everything you do - you do it with passion. This electric orange eyeliner style is something only a handful of people can pull off - you're one of them *Wink*

Make Up

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Cancer - Graphic Liner

You are sensitive and creative, Cancer. When you're alone and in your element, you pour heart out into your hobby. If experimenting with eye makeup looks is something you like to do, this shimmery blue graphic eyeliner style is something you should give a shot.

Leo - Fancy Cat Eye

This eyeliner style is not your typical cat eye - it's unique! It's fancy, it's fun, it's so YOU! The sharper the cat eyeliner look, the prettier the peepers will look. From now onwards, let your eyes do all the talking!


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Virgo - Bold Eyeliner

Doesn't this eyeliner style look like perfection? It's so sharp, so pointy and so precise! (Just the way you like it) Since this is a bold eyeliner look, you can leave the waterline and lashes as they are.

Libra - Double Flick

From all the zodiac signs, Libra, you are the artsy one. Patience is one of your strengths, and you put that quality to use whenever you try a new eyeliner style. The double flick eyeliner style is a product of your creativity. Pair this eyeliner style with mascara and coral eyeshadow, and you're bound to grab eyeballs.



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Scorpio - Blood Red Liner

If you could have it your way, then every day would be Halloween! You love having fun with makeup, Scorpio, and red eyeliner is a beauty product that's close to your heart. This red eyeliner look is downright gorgeous and will awaken your inner sex Goddess. 

Saggitarius - Glittery Wings

When you dress up, heads turn. You are a classy babe, and you know it! Glitter eyeliner is a makeup product that makes you feel empowered and beautiful. You speak with your eyes, and that's a language only a few know.

Make Up

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Capricorn - Smokey Eyeliner

You love a classic winged eyeliner, but with your own personal touch. A smokey winged eyeliner style will not only make you look mysterious, but drop-dead gorgeous as well. 

Aquarius - Colourful Classic Liner

This a classic eyeliner style with a colourful twist. This parrot green eyeliner style will not only make your eyes pop, but also enhance your features in the most creative way possible. 


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Pisces - Fish Liner

Deep down, you know you're a mermaid, Pisces. You're mysterious, kind and everyone wants to be around you. No other eyeliner style will suit better than a fish liner. Team this eyeliner style with a cool eyeshadow colour like powder blue or sea glass green, and you're bound to get plenty of admirers.

Find your style? Then get practising!

Happy experimenting! 

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