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To Buy Or Not To Buy: Are Lip Masks Really Worth The Hype & Money?

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Are Lip Masks Really Worth The Hype & Money?

If you're obsessed with skincare, we bet you've come across a lip mask too. As of now, there are two variants of lip masks - one, that comes in a tub and two, that comes in a rubber gel-based lip masks. If you've had your eyes on one and wondering if they are worth the money or not, allow us to throw some light on lip masks. You're free to make a decision after. So ladies, shall we begin?

What Are Lip Masks?

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Tiny in size, the lip mask has taken the beauty world by storm! In most cases, lip masks are more expensive than lip balms due to their formulation, ingredient list and intense moisturising properties. Think of them as mini face packs (but for your lips) that are loaded with vitamins and oils. Most women apply lip masks overnight, but you can use them during the day as well. The lip masks that come in tubs have a thick, buttery texture, while the rubber gel-based lip masks are infused with vitamins, serums and oils. 

While thick balms feel soothing and comforting on the lips, they take time to work their magic. Whereas, gel-based lip masks provide instant results making the lips soft, supple and hydrated. Another important difference between the two is is that gel-based lips masks are a one-time-use-product. The lip mask product in the tub, however, can be used multiple times. 


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Are They Worth The Money?

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That depends from person to person. If you think that your lip balm or lip oil is not making the cut, use a lip mask instead. Lip masks are heavier in texture and consistency as compared to lip balms - hence offering your pout plenty of moisture. They're designed to treat severely chapped lips, mildly lighten them and get rid of dead skin cells. Some people believe that lip masks slower down the ageing process around the mouth as well. 

Whether they make your lips appear plumper or bigger, we're not sure about this. However, they do a fantastic job of keeping the lips supple, smooth and baby soft. 

P.S. If you're looking for a regular lip balm, we've got one for you that changes colour according to your mood!



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Final Thoughts: They're not essential lip care products. However, if money is not a problem, it would be a cool beauty product to have in your beauty cabinet.

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