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Can Adults Use Baby Products? Here's What We Think...

Can Adults Use Baby Products? Here's What We Think...

During the pandemic, DIYs have become a popular beauty activity. From learning how to make a coffee eye serum from scratch to recycling old lipsticks - the internet has taught us a lot of cool things. However, the one beauty product most of us have been seeing recently in skincare and makeup tutorials is baby products! The baby shampoo helps to clean makeup brushes, baby wipes help to remove makeup, baby oil can be mixed with a highlighter to make a shimmery body oil - the list goes on! Why are they so popular among adults? More importantly, are they safe for adults? Here's the answer to all your questions!

Can Adults Use Baby Products? Here's What We Think...

Prepare yourself to be mind-blown! 

They're Safe For Your Skin!

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What a relief, right? Apparently, baby products are gentle are extremely soothing for your skin and work well for people who have sensitive skin. In fact, if use them religiously every day, you will definitely see a positive change in your skin's texture. Your skin is going to feel moisturised, hydrated and smooth. Also, fewer chances of your skin experiencing allergic reactions as the ingredients in baby products are designed to be gentle on the skin.  

Skin Care

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

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They Won't Strip Your Skin Of It's Natural Oils

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Most of the skincare products we see in the market today are packed with artificial colouring, fragrances and chemicals. Using them on a daily basis can cause long-term damage to your skin. Some skincare products can be too rough on the skin and dry it out. With baby products by your side, you will never have to worry about experiencing any of that nasty stuff. They'll treat your skin just right!


Azafran Organics Baby Moisturizing Soap

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There Are Multiple Ways To Use Baby Products

The best thing about baby products is probably their versatility. Baby powder can be used if you run out of dry shampoo. Baby oil can either be used to remove makeup or mixed with a liquid highlighter to create a shimmery body oil. Diaper cream has a thick texture that is perfect for soothing inflamed skin and treating eczema. However, diaper creams provide temporary solutions to eczema or psoriasis. To get to the root of the skincare problem, you must let your dermatologist take a look at it. 



Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

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Nevertheless, baby products are awesome to use. They won't burn a hole in your pocket and agree with almost every skin type. If you're still pessimistic about using them, do a patch test first. If you experience any allergic reaction post-application, wash it off with plain water. If it agrees with your skin, then you, my friend, have found your cult skincare products *Hurray*

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