5 Beauty Products To Bring Home If You're A Sucker For Sweet Scents!

5 Beauty Products To Bring Home If You're A Sucker For Sweet Scents!

There's something magical about fragrances. One big sniff is all it takes to put you in a better mood, and sometimes even to reduce stress. According to studies, the moment when you inhale a scent, it stimulates the smell receptors and the natural and chemical fragrances make their way to the lungs and into the bloodstream. It then stimulates the body's limbic system and raises the serotonin and norepinephrine levels. Do you know follows after that? Sunshine and rainbows!

5 K.Play Beauty Products To Bring Home If You're A Sucker For Sweet Scents

After all, if you smell good, you automatically feel good! 

K.Play Acai Berry Anti-Oxidant Sheet Mask by MyGlamm


K.Play Acai Berry Anti-Oxidant Sheet Mask

INR 145 AT MyGlamm

The main reason to love acai and goji berries as skincare ingredients is because of their antioxidant properties. Both the berries smell heavenly and are soothing for the skin. They also prevent premature ageing and protect the skin from sun damage. Having these two berry extracts in a sheet mask will transform your skin for the better. The K.Play Acai Berry Anti-Oxidant Sheet Mask will not only improve the skin's elasticity but will also boost collagen production, rejuvenate the skin and protect it from air pollution.

K.Play Flavoured Lipsticks by MyGlamm - Pink Guava Smash


K.Play Flavoured Lipstick - Pink Guava Smash

INR 545 AT MyGlamm

You probably may have never come across a lipstick that smells like fresh, juicy guavas. This one will be your first! The K.Play Flavoured Lipstick by MyGlamm in the shade Pink Guava Smash is a fun bubblegum pink shade that's rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Not only will the lipstick paint your pout a pretty pink hue, but will also keep the lips soft and supple.

K.Play Flavoured Blush by MyGlamm - Sweet Peach


K.Play Flavoured Blush - Sweet Peach

INR 645 AT MyGlamm

The K.Play Flavoured Blush in the shade Sweet Peach not only smells like delicious peaches but also does a great job at blurring imperfections and giving you healthy-looking skin. It has a bright coral shade that looks gorgeous on lighter skin tones. You will also be delighted to know that this blush has Vitamin A & E and offers protection to the skin against sun damage. 

The K.Play Flavoured Lipglosses by MyGlamm - Passion Fruit Crush


K.Play Flavoured Lipgloss - Passion Fruit Crush

INR 595 AT MyGlamm

If matte lipsticks aren't your prefered makeup product, you can give lipglosses a shot. The K.Play Flavoured Lipglosses by MyGlamm in the shade Passion Fruit Crush is a Barbie pink shade with blue undertones. Since passion fruit has anti-inflammatory properties, using it on chapped lips will help to soothe it. Not to mention that this yummy lipgloss also has jojoba oil and Vitamin E that provide your lips with all the extra hydration. 

K.Play Flavoured Compact by MyGlamm - French Vanilla


K.Play Flavoured Compact

INR 645 AT MyGlamm

Warning: The K.Play Flavoured Compact by MyGlamm in the shade French Vanilla smells so delicious, you will be tempted to eat it! Apart from its sweet scent, the compact is loved for its silky texture and lightweight formula. While it amplifies your skin's natural radiance, it also conceals fine lines and reduces the appearances of large pores. 

Which of these yummy beauty products would you like to gobble up first? Say ALL!

Featured Image: MyGlamm