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Hair Perfumes Are The Secret To Smelling Fresh n' Fab & These Are Our Top Picks

Hair Perfumes Are The Secret To Smelling Fresh n' Fab & These Are Our Top Picks

Hair that smells unbelievably good can be so appealing. Just a single hair flick can lead to so many warm emotions-- But you know the busy life of a working woman. We are constantly on the run, managing (read balancing) both our work and personal life. So, keeping our hair smelling fresh and fab is really the least of our worries on most days.

But did you know that if you do not wash your hair often, say at least 2-3 times a week, it may lead to dirt accumulation that can cause hair issues in the long run? And sometimes all that build-up can leave behind a nasty smell on your scalp. But don't worry, we're all hustlers here. We're going to introduce you to the magical world of hair perfumes.

Yes, perfumes for hair; so that your hair smells great for when you're cuddling with bae or busy flipping your hair around.

What Is A Hair Perfume?

Hair perfume is exactly what comes to your mind-- perfume for your mane. It creates an invisible veil of fragrance in your hair so that your hair flips can always smell delicious! 

And no, you cannot spray your fave Chanel N°5 on your strands as regular perfumes have alcohol which can lead to dry hair. And that's not the only difference.

How Is A Hair Perfume Different From A Regular Perfume?

Apart from not being loaded with alcohol, a hair perfume is :

- Lightweight in nature: Unlike perfumes, a hair perfume has a more refined, thin mist and is gentle on your strands.

- Conditioning: Hair perfumes also contain hair oils that nourish and make your hair smell so good. Lavender oil, camellia oil and argan oil are some of the top choices.

- Gets better with time: Unlike your regular perfume, a hair perfume does not lose its scent but in fact, it gets better with hair movement. Just a few sprays on your hair and we bet people will turn around wherever you go.

- Applied as the last step: Your hair perfume should be the last product you use on your hair. After you're done styling your hair, spray 2-3 times and you're good to go.


But Do We Really (Like REALLY) Need A Hair Perfume?

Well, if you want to be indulgent and love the smell of a fresh hair wash - then you need little to no convincing.

If you are someone who is constantly on the go, goes to the gym regularly, exercises a lot or is an athlete, you might wanna get your hands on a hair perfume as a quick fix to get rid of any odour that's caused by excessive sweating. 


Hair Perfumes Worth Splurging On!

Are you ready to have *my hair always smells great* days for the rest of your life? Then you need these amazing hair mists and perfumes in your life.


Innisfree My Hair Recipe Repairing Hair Mist

INR 990 AT Innisfree


Byredo Black Eleventh Hour Hair Perfume

INR 9,999 AT Byredo

Beauty Products

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

INR 3,800 AT sachajuan


Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Hair Mist

INR 3,752 AT Jo Malone


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Hair Mist

INR 4,876 AT Chanel

Ready for some hair flips?

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