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Oops, I Did It Again! 5 Common Beauty Mistakes Women Make In Their 20s

Oops, I Did It Again! 5 Common Beauty Mistakes Women Make In Their 20s

Your 20s are the best years to have fun with makeup. Whether it's trying out a cool electric eyeliner or painting your pout a bold colour - the world is your oyster! It's also during these precious years that you discover your relationship with makeup. While you do have the freedom to experiment with new makeup trends and products, there is a possibility that you will make these common beauty mistakes along the way.

5 Common Beauty Mistakes Most Women Make In Their 20s

After all, mistakes are the best teachers 😉

Forgetting To Remove Your Makeup At Night

If you don't remove your makeup before you go to bed, your skin will end up paying the price for it in your late 20s. Makeup residue mixed with dirt and sweat can clog the pores and cause the skin to breakout. Hence, no matter how tired you are, do take the time to wipe off all the grime and makeup from your face. Use a makeup remover like a cleansing balm or micellar water first and then, follow it up with your CTM routine


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Applying Makeup Without Moisturising Your Skin

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Repeat after us - makeup looks best on moisturised skin! If your skin is dry and flaky, you will have a tough time blending the makeup product into your skin. First, wash your face and later, moisturise it. After your skin is moisturised and nourished, apply a primer and then get on with your makeup.


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Choosing The Wrong Foundation Shade

Don't worry, we all get this wrong at some point in our lives. The whole point of wearing a foundation is that it needs to look one with your skin tone. Wearing the wrong foundation shade will give away that you're wearing makeup - and that's something you don't want to happen. If you aren't able to find the perfect foundation shade that matches your skin tone, no worries, you can mix-and-match two different foundation shades as well!


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Too Much Blush Isn't A Good Thing

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When used correctly, blush can make you look youthful and give your cheeks a gorgeous, healthy glow. However, many of us tend to go overboard with the blush. Too much of blush product can be distracting. Opt of a 'less is more' approach with blush. The more soft and subtle the colour looks, the more natural the makeup finish will be. 


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Applying Concealer All Over The Face

Let's get one thing straight - foundations and concealers are two different products. Unlike with foundation, you need not apply concealer all over your face. You need to use concealer only on the blemishes and dark spots. Maybe a little bit of product on fine lines and wrinkles, but that's about it. Also, when you wear less makeup, your skin gets a chance to breathe too. 



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If you wear makeup responsibly, your skin won't have to complain about it when you reach your 30s.

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