Hair Fall Troubles? This Ayurvedic Ingredient Deserves Your Full Attention

Hair Fall Troubles? This Ayurvedic Ingredient Deserves Your Full Attention

For centuries people have been turning to the ayurvedic books to find natural remedies for their various health issues. From skin to hair to even improving the immune system -- there is an answer for every health concern. Even today, in a world powered by science and a whole list of lab-made ingredients, people are opting for their forefathers' way of thinking and once again turning to mother nature in hopes to get rid of their beauty and health problems -- this is mainly ‘coz Ayurvedic ingredients have fewer side-effects.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the growth of many Ayurvedic products that are still very much popular even today, and lately, a new ingredient has been making its rounds in the haircare world. If you’ve been facing scary amounts of hair loss during this quarantine, then keep on reading. We’ve got the magic ingredient you need in order to get back your gorgeous, voluminous, healthy mane.

The secret ayurvedic ingredient everyone is obsessing about is Ashwagandha. For more than 8000 years, Ayurvedic practitioners have been using this powerful root to cure many mental and physical health concerns. Since stress is one of the main factors when it comes to hair loss, dermatologists say that by using this root to tackle your stress, it can, in turn, help you treat your hair loss issues.

Ashwagandha Hair Benefits

Ashwagandha is a miracle plant that cures just about anything but it’s especially beneficial when it comes to dealing with hair loss. Here’s what you can expect when you add this ayurvedic ingredient to your hair care routine.

Reduces Stress Levels


If you run your fingers through your hair only to be left horrified by the chunks of strands in the palm of your hand, stress could be one of the culprits. This is because, the high levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone in the hair follicles impact the hair growth cycle, resulting in hair loss and it also increases the breakdown of important components in the skin. The higher the levels of cortisol, the more chances of hair loss. Here’s where Ashwagandha comes to the rescue. Daily intake of this Ayurvedic ingredient decreases anxiety and chronic stress, in turn, restoring your mane to its former glory.



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Strengthens Hair


This ancient medicine is rich in antioxidants and amino acids which many believe help in strengthening the hair and reduce breakage, leaving it soft and healthy.


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Eases Scalp Irritation


Since this root is rich in anti-inflammation properties you can also say goodbye to itchy scalp, pesky dandruff and even hair flakes.


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How To Use Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha can either be consumed or applied topically. If you are going for the former option, our advice is to always check with your doctor first before consuming any product, regardless if it’s Ayurvedic or lab-made.

Oral Supplements

There are plenty of Ashwagandha supplements available in the market catering to hair growth. Just taking one daily can reduce stress and hair loss. You could also stir the powder in your morning beverage to reap its full health benefits.

Topical Options

You can also use this ingredient topically by creating a paste. Mix a bit of the powder with water to create a paste and then apply it to the scalp. You could also blend the Ashwagandha powder with your shampoo and let leave it on your scalp for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off.


Best of all, like almost all ayurvedic ingredients, ashwagandha can also be used on all hair and skin types.


Beauty Benefits of Ashwagandha in Hindi

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