Main Shayar Toh Nahi… But These Actors Melted Our Hearts With Their Beautiful Poems

Main Shayar Toh Nahi… But These Actors Melted Our Hearts With Their Beautiful Poems

Did you folks really think that Indian celebrities are only great at acting and dancing? Well, no! Our favourite celebrities have a lot of hobbies, they are super creative, and talented beyond their acting skills. Some of these talents have a lot to do with the characters they play - Priyanka Chopra-Jonas learned professional boxing during Mary Kom - and some of these talents have nothing to do with their movies - Deepika Padukone is an awesome badminton player. 

These creative all-rounders, every now and then, show us a side to them that is completely romantic, thoughtful, and oh-so-poetic. Whenever our stars have shared their self-written beautiful poetries, their fans have gone all awww. Because nazar mein khwabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum and who wouldn’t love to see a little glimpse of their dreams and thoughts that make our actors feel more alive?

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From multi-talented Ayushmann Khurrana to supremely dreamy Siddhant Chaturvedi, our actors have said time and again that ‘main shayar toh nahi, magar… we can do some poetry honey.’ (See what we did there?) Let's check out some of their shayari now, shall we?

Ayushmann Khurrana

Andhadhun actor is famous in the industry for his unconventional choices when it comes to his movie selection, but Ayushmann Khurrana has been impressing his fans with his beautiful poems and shayaris for long before that. In fact, his famous song Pani Da Rang is written and sung by Mr Khurrana himself! Recently during the quarantine, Ayushmann recited a very thoughtful poem that is still relatable. He mused about the way we treat the underprivileged and urged his fans to become a better version of themselves. Some of the lines go as - 

 Aaj lagta hai kaash kar dein sab kuch theek is duniya ko karke rewind.

But believe me this is nothing but the collective karma of mankind.

Salaam hai usko jo sadkein saaf karta hai, kachra le kar jaata hai,

ghar ka saamaan le kar aata hai. Aur phir apne ghar jaata hai.

Par humne unko kabhi izzat dee hee nahi. Hum paise waale hain.

Humare baap ka kya jaata hai.

Kriti Sanon

Recently, Kriti Sanon updated a stunning monochromatic shot on Instagram and penned down a few lines with the hashtag, #PoetrywithKriti. She wrote, "Sometimes I wonder.. Do we know anyone truly? Like for REAL? Not sure if we know ourselves fully too.. we know just parts of who we ‘think’ we are and who we wanna be."

Well, she is amazingly creative with her words. The Dilwale actress is quite vocal on social media and has recently been sharing some beautiful shayari.

For all those times when you feel a little lost, Kriti’s lines can give you some hope - 

It’s cloudy, it’s foggy, it’s so unclear

But they say truth is like the Sun, it’s always there

So don’t speculate, just patiently wait

For it’s gonna be windy for a while and it is gonna rain

But remember my friend

Sometimes a Sun is just making way

For the Sun to shine again

Divya Dutta

Relationships and marriages don't have to be so tough and Diya Dutta’s poem proves that you can make it a lot easier by just sharing the responsibilities equally. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Divya is one of the most talented and versatile actors in Bollywood. She can make you cry with her intense characters and make you think deeply with her sensible roles on-screen. Her poetry truly made us pause for a second and wonder how equality can change the whole dynamics of a relationship in the most beautiful way.

Bus yu hi ek hain ek hain karke kaha zindagi chalti hai

Kabhi tum bhi sar daba do mera, ye bhi kami akharti hai

Jab main bhi office jaati hun, tum bhi ghar ko sawar do na

Tumne kaha tha hum ek hi hain, to apne barabar kar do na”

Siddhant Chaturvedi

Siddhant Chaturvedi made his debut in Bollywood with Gully Boy and his fans couldn’t stop obsessing over his brooding eyes, curly hair, cool vibes, and child-like smile. Interestingly, Siddhant, apart from charming his fans with his acting and good looks, also mesmerises them with his amazing poetries. He wrote and recited one during the lockdown and it was beautiful as his infectious smile!

Sara Ali Khan

Forgive us for saying it but shayaris do not always have to be intense, poetic and romantic - it can be fun too! If you don’t believe us, take inspiration from Sara Ali Khan who’s #SaraKiShayari posts can leave you in splits!  

It all started when she decided to use her shayari gimmicks to promote her upcoming movie with Varun Dhawan, Coolie No. 1

However, soon #SaraKiShayari became viral and Sara actually got better with it. Seriously, look at this one if you don’t believe us -

Sara has not been very active with her shayaris these days and we hope it changes soon.

Radhika Madan

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Reciting a piece that I wrote a while back. Hope you enjoy it.😊 @ttt_official तेरा मेरी आँखों को ओढ़कर रोना भागती नींदो में ठहर के सोना गहरी साँसों में कपकपाती मेरे नाम की खुशबू बड़बड़ाते वादों में किसी डर का खोना उन रूठे अरमानो को तस्सली से मनाना रोई अकेली चोटों को समझती हुई बाँहों में दफ़नाना तेरी रूह का मेरी नसों में बेझिझक घुलना लेटे लेटे उंगली से मेरे हाथों की लकीरे बदलना खुद को खो कर तुझे पाने का वो अपनापन वो तेरे मेरे बीच के फ़रक का धुंधलापन जाने के बाद भी मेरे पास रह जाने की तेरी वफ़ाई प्यार को पहले निभाने की वो सुलझी हुई सी लड़ाई इस पढ़ी लिखी दुनिया को तेरा पाक इश्क़ गवार मेरी नौसिखी सी शायरी में बस तेरा नाम गुलज़ार . . -राधिका

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The Pataakha actress has been impressing us with her acting skills and her recent walk at the Lakme Fashion Week was to die for! However, the young actress recently collaborated with Terribly Tiny Tales and recited this beautiful short poetry that will instantly win your heart. She wrote the poem a few years ago and it truly captures the essence of love and loss.

Amitabh Bachchan

We have heard a lot of times Amitabh Bachchan reciting his father, Late Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s poems on social media platforms. However, Mr Bachchan was also one of the first few people to advise people to take precaution from COVID-19. He shared his message through this witty and smart poem on Twitter. Don't we all love it when our beloved celebs show us their poetry skills as well? Let us know which one is your favourite!

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