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Not So Basic? These '60s Inspired Nail Art Designs Are Perfect For Your Next Manicure!

Not So Basic? These '60s Inspired Nail Art Designs Are Perfect For Your Next Manicure!

There is no shortage of nail art designs on social media. Every month, we’re blessed with new nail art that most certainly deserves a place in the art galleries. Since it’s the beginning of October, there’s a new art design that’s caught everyone’s eyes and it is also blowing up on the ‘gram. We’re talking about the new ‘60s inspired nail art trend. These hallucinogenic designs comprise of everything from bright shapes to vibrant waves in various psychedelic hues.

Like any type of manicure, this nail art trend is not limited to just one design. There are plenty of options available, ranging from bold to subtle, easy to tricky --- all of which will leave you with groovy fingertips. So, get out all the nail paints you have, it’s time to bring back those ‘60s vibes with these far-out winter-approved nail designs. 

Starry Night Inspiration

You may not be able to paint 'Starry Night' on your nails, but you can create a more abstract piece by using your blue, yellow and white nail paints. This is perfect for those who hate colouring inside the lines and are all for out-of-the-box thinking.


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Mix 'n' Match

The beauty of this nail art trend is that you don’t need to stick to specific colours. You can incorporate 2,3 or even 4 shades into your manicure. Trust us, it will look like you took a time machine back to the ‘60s to get your nails done.


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Tie-Dye Nails

It won’t be the ‘60s if it doesn’t include tie-dye colours. Mixing up shades of blue, purple, pink, orange and yellow is the perfect way to command attention with your nails.


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Groovy Baby

This nail art trend is all about adding the brightest colours you have, to your nails. Using a nail paint applicator tool, you can create colourful swirls to add a groovy touch to your nails.


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Flower Power

The ‘60s wouldn’t be complete without a whole lot of flowers. Using a rustic colour palette, you can go ahead and create bold flowers on your nails to fully embrace this era.

Retro Lovin’

Don’t put your black polish away. If you want your nail colours to pop, apply a black base coat and later add your wavy designs above it. With this nail art design, the compliments are sure to come pouring in.


Le Vernis Nail Polish - N04 Noir Interdit


Rainbow French Mani

Instead of your basic nude base with white tips, go ahead and give your regular French manicure a jazzy makeover by adding colourful waves on the tips.


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Calling all fashionistas! This one is just for you. Two-toned nails with a two-toned circle in between--- now this geometrical pattern screams à la mode.


Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish - Phi Phi

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Colour Wheel

If you’re having a hard time choosing the right hues, why not pick them all? When it comes to embracing the ‘60s, the golden rule is -- the more colours, the better! So, why not add them to your nails to fully embrace this era.

Since we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, keep yourself busy at home by recreating these designs.

Bonus: These nail art designs make killer content for Instagram.

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