Keep It Clean: Reasons Why We Love Clay Masks & So Will You!

Keep It Clean: Reasons Why We Love Clay Masks & So Will You!

During these terrifying times, masking has been my one saviour. Yes, I mean wearing a face mask when I step out of the house and using face masks and sheet masks to do a little pamper routine indoors. Because of the humid weather these days, my pores feel constantly clogged and my skin feels like it's laden with impurities- so my hack to squeaky clean skin is a clay mask. Apart from the incredible skin benefits, they also remove impurities and reduce the appearance of large pores. They are even super easy to use so they work well when I'm working-from-home. Shhh... don't tell my boss!

The whole process usually takes me about twenty minutes for applying, sitting back and relaxing, waiting for it to harden, and then rinsing it off. They also work well for all skin types but since clay masks detoxify the skin well, they are especially great for people with oily and acne-prone skin.

All The Different Kinds Of Clay Masks


Another thing to note is that you can't club all clay masks into one category- there are actually a few types:

  • There's purple clay that smoothens and purifies skin and is perfect for people with dull or tired skin because of its low mineral salt concentration.
  • There is also yellow clay that tones and exfoliates the skin and is great for people with sensitive skin.
  • White clay is there too which is rich in mineral salts and contains kaolin, an ingredient that helps repair the skin- it works well for all skin types and is one of the gentlest forms of clay.
  • Pink clay will give you an instantly glowy complexion and works well if you have dry, reactive, or sensitive skin. 
  • Green clay is made out of volcanic rock and contains more minerals than white clay, making it more absorbent. It is much better at removing toxins and impurities and soaks up excess sebum, fights acne and mattifies the skin. Green clay is ideal for oily skin types.

Reasons Why We Love Clay Masks So Much


Here are all the reasons why clay masks work for every skin type.

They Help Draw Out Impurities

Your skin basically comes in contact with a lot of aggressors throughout the day. Pollution, dirt and grime, and of it accumulates on your skin. While daily cleansing does help with that, clay masks when used a few times a week can make sure the skin is completely rid of these impurities. You need to have a clean canvas because when bacteria and dirt linger for too long, your complexion starts looking dull and you end up with breakouts. Follow up your masking ritual with a moisturiser.


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Clay Removes Excess Oil And Shine

Oh God, the struggles of having a forever-oily, shiny, and greasy looking face. Clay masks work well for absorbing oils and impurities that clog pores. Kaolin or white clay is the mildest of clays and works to draw out oils without being harsh on the skin.


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Clay Masks Can Even Be Hydrating

Your skin needs its moisture and hydration and clay masks provide the right amount of it. When picking out a mask for normal to dry skin, look for sodium hyaluronate and glycerine in the ingredient list and you'll know extreme hydration lies ahead!

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Restore The Skin Balance

Skin that is too oily or has no oil at all is because the natural balance of the skin is screwed. Clay masks help with this while also soothing and calming the skin. So people with sensitive skin can also enjoy its benefits. 


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Take this time to make yourself an at-home spa- put on a clay mask, add on the cucumber slices to your eyes, and relax your worries away!

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