Night Cream Or Sleeping Mask - Which Product Should You Add To Your Routine? We Find Out!

Night Cream Or Sleeping Mask - Which Product Should You Add To Your Routine? We Find Out!

Night creams existed WAY before sleeping masks did. However, today, sleeping masks are a tad bit more popular than a regular night cream, especially among millennials. Blame it on the product's cutesy name or the fact that the sleeping masks contain ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid - it's indeed a gorgeous beauty product. Let's find out why...

What is better - night cream or sleeping mask?


This depends on your skincare routine and your skin type. A sleeping mask is usually a gel-based product. It works well for all skin types. Night creams, on the other hand, can be gel-based, cream-based and even oil-based.

A night cream can be used daily, but sleeping masks have to be used twice or thrice a week. Using a sleeping mask every day will cause the product to lose its efficiency and can irritate the skin. While a night cream mostly keeps your skin moisturised for a couple of hours, sleeping masks do so for the whole night. 

While you get your beauty rest, the sleeping mask works hard in repairing and replenishing the skin without you having to move even your pinky finger! Also, the longer it sits on your face, the more time you give the active ingredients in the sleeping mask to work their magic. 

Due to its slippery texture and non-comedogenic properties, sleeping masks agree with most skin types. They are designed to hydrate, moisturise and brighten the skin. If you have really dry skin, you may have to use a creamier product before applying the sleeping mask. 

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What's the difference between night creams and sleeping masks?


The number one difference is texture! A night cream feels heavier and requires some effort on your end to massage the product into the skin. However, sleeping masks have more of a gel-like consistency that instantly get absorbed into the skin.  

Most night creams are only focused on moisturising dry skin and soothing inflamed and irritated skin, treating wrinkles, pigmentation etc. Sleeping masks, on the other hand, are like an intensified version of a night cream. They are loaded with antioxidants and active ingredients that help to repair and heal the skin at night -- while locking in all that moisture. 

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So how do you use a sleeping mask?

Get done with your nighttime skincare routine and instead of a night cream, apply the sleeping mask. It should be the last step of your skincare routine. Do this 20 minutes before you go to bed and we promise that you will wake up to GLOWING skin in the morning. 

Now that you know the difference between and sleeping mask and night cream, which one will you be adding to your skincare routine?

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