#BeautyBasics: The Makeup Remover Should You Be Using, According To Your Skin Type

#BeautyBasics: The Makeup Remover Should You Be Using, According To Your Skin Type

If you're a makeup addict then you must also be a makeup removing addict. We've said it time and time again in our stories, dermatologists have said it and you've heard it a million times- remove your makeup before sleeping. The reason is a simple one- product and makeup clog your pores and don't let your skin breathe. You owe it to your skin to also have a chance to get some time-off from buildup and gunk so removing your makeup is essential. However, if you've ever walked into the store and seen a hundred kinds of makeup removers without understanding which one works best for your skin then we're here to solve all your queries.

There are makeup removing wipes, micellar water, cleansing balms, cleansing oils, and a whole lot of other types of products that you could use. But which one is the best for your skin type? Let's find out.


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Milk Cleansers For Dry Skin

Milky cleansers work super well if you have dry and irritated skin all over because they gently take off your makeup and soothe and hydrate the skin as well. The best part about these products is that they don't strip away the natural oils in your skin which are crucial to lock in if you have dry skin.


Refreshing Cleansing Milk

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Micellar Water For Sensitive Skin

Micellar water is one of the most gentle ways of removing your makeup so people with sensitive skin should try this one out. The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin.   


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Cleansing Oils For Combination To Oily Skin

There's a big misconception that people with oily skin can't use oil-based products on their skin. Actually only oil cuts oil so an oil-based makeup remover is exactly what you should use be using if you have combination or oily skin. The problem of clogged pores, buildup, breakouts, and blackheads are so much more when we're talking about oily skin so a double cleanse is essential to remove every bit of grime and dirt. This removes even the most stubborn makeup so that waterproof mascara that just refuses to budge has another thing coming its way.


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Cleansing Balms For Normal To Dry Skin

Cleansing balms are a little thicker in consistency than oils but the balm melts between your finger and then emulsifies in water. It's great for people with normal to dry skin because it removes all the product on your skin thoroughly while not stripping it off moisture. 

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Makeup Removing Wipes For All Skin Types

Usually, the skin type is mentioned on the makeup removing wipes packet so you should pick them up according to that. However, you should know that they aren't the best for your skin. Usually, they have harsh ingredients that could cause you to break out and can even result in micro-tears on the face. So, checking your ingredient list is essential. Go for ones with natural ingredients that aren't harmful to your skin.


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Cause squeaky clean skin is in!

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