This Is Your Best Facial Feature, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

This Is Your Best Facial Feature, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Reading about your zodiac sign helps you to get to know yourself better. Whether it's to do with your personality traits, how good you are in bed or how you express affection - your zodiac sign has all the answers! Not so long ago we spoke about each zodiac sign's beauty ritual. Today, we're going to tell you about what your best beauty asset is according to your zodiac sign. Let the fun begin!

Your Best Beauty Asset According To Your Zodiac Sign

This is going to be super interesting!

Aries - Your Sharp Features

You have a ridiculously perfect jawline! A little bit of contouring will make your cheekbones stand out even more. People are instantly drawn to your sharp features and you often receive compliments about them. 



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Taurus - Glowing Skin


You're a natural beauty. You rarely apply makeup and when you do, you like to keep your makeup look minimal and simple. You're the kind of person who likes to prep your skin before applying makeup. Dewy, glazed skin is what brings you joy. 


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Gemini - The Baby Face

No matter how old you are, you will always have child-like features. Looking youthful all the time is probably your best beauty asset! Many a time, people wonder if you've been using some secret anti-ageing cream, but little did they know that it's in your genes! Also, your happy-go-lucky vibe keeps the wrinkles at bay! 

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Cancer - Rosy Cheeks


Did anyone tell you that blush looks pretty on you? It's true! A beauty product like a blush not only compliments your sensitive personality but also your pure energy as well. To turn heads, always add a pop of colour to your cheeks before stepping out. People are bound to take notice! 


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Leo - Stunning Locks

Like a lion's majestic mane, you too have gorgeous, voluminous locks. To add more volume to your hair, ask your hairstylist to give you more layers on the crown area or blow-dry your hair upside down. Thank us later!


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Virgo - Gorgeous Skin


Tiny blemishes here and there are normal, but overall, your skin is AMAZING! It's got that natural glow and is super smooth to touch. Being a perfectionist at heart, you're also one of the few zodiac signs to ace your base! Whether it's concealer, BB cream or foundation, you have the knack of choosing the right product that matches your complexion. 



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Libra - Clean Nails

Your best beauty asset is your hands. Your hands look polished and your nails always look clean, shaped and neat. You know for a fact that neat nails make a good impression and work very hard to keep them in shape and glossy. Your choice of nail polish is unique too. Instead of opting for bright colours, neutrals are more of your thing. 


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Scorpio - Sexy Eyes


You can charm someone with your big, beautiful eyes, you know? Quite often, you like trying out different eyeliner trends because it brings out your creative side. Playing with coloured liners, shiny stone stickers and glitter - are things you're always game for.  


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Saggitarius - Juicy Lips

Flirting is an art and you are a master at it! You're beauty with brains and apart from your knowledge, people also secretly admire your lips. Your pout makes lipsticks look great! Psst: Sometimes, your crush finds it difficult to concentrate on what you're saying because your lips are stealing his attention.

Capricorn - On-fleek Brows


A feature that most people notice at first aren't your eyes, but brows! Gosh, you have such pretty eyebrows. They look defined, bold and strong. They're responsible for making you look confident and powerful. Psst: You can draw even more attention to your brows by filling them in with some brow product.


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Aquarius - Your Signature Look

There are many makeup looks out there, but you will always stick to your signature makeup look. Be it bold or minimal makeup, your signature makeup look speaks a lot about your personality. You're also someone who doesn't shy away from trying new makeup trends, but once you're over the trend, you switch back to your signature makeup look. 


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Pisces - Long Lashes


Your lashes are so pretty that very often people mistake them for falsies. Few coats of mascara and you're ready to flutter and flirt. Since your best beauty asset is your lashes, make sure that you use a lash serum often to keep them nourished, healthy and long. 


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Apart from all these beautiful features we mentioned above, your biggest beauty asset is your confidence!

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