5 Clever Ways To Repurpose Unused Skincare Products

5 Clever Ways To Repurpose Unused Skincare Products

Have you ever bought a beauty product and completely forgot about it after a while? Even worse, have you ever let a brand new beauty product sit in your cabinet for months without using it? Well, join the party. With so many exciting beauty products available in the market today, it becomes difficult to keep a tab on the products you own. If you've recently found a product that you haven't used in months, don't toss it away! Simply find a new purpose for it. 

5 Clever Ways To Repurpose Unused Skincare Products

Think of it as giving that beauty product a new life!

Use A Facial Cleanser As A Body Wash

Did you know that the skin on your face is more sensitive and thinner than the skin on your body? It's true! Hence, you must be extremely careful about the products that you use on your face. A cleanser that's passed its shelf-life may be dangerous for your skin and could cause breakouts and inflammation. To prevent such a situation from occurring, use the facial cleanser as a body wash. The skin on your body is thicker and more resilient than the skin on your face. 


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Use A Face Cream As A Foot Cream


You should not allow an expensive face cream to go to waste after it passes its shelf-life. Use it as a foot cream instead. Since the skin on your feet is tougher and rougher, a face cream will do wonders in making feet baby soft and smooth. 

Use A Facial Oil As A Cuticle Oil

Facial oils are expensive and throwing them away is just a waste of product. If you have an old and unused facial oil at home, you can use it as a cuticle oil. Since facial oils are loaded with fatty acids, they will do an amazing job at moisturising, nourishing and hydrating the cuticles. Not to mention, they will make your freshly-manicured nails look clean and glossy at the same time. 

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Use A Cleansing Balm As A Shaving Gel


Did you just run out of shaving gel? Don't but a new one, just use your old cleansing balm instead! Not only is the cleansing balm gentle on the skin, but it will also soften the skin and ensure a smooth shave as well. 

Use A Face Scrub As A Body Scrub

Usually, face scrubs contain microbeads or walnut shells. These two ingredients help to scrub off dead skin cells and improve the texture of the skin. If your face scrub has passed its shelf-life, it's definitely not safe to use on your face anymore. Use it on your body instead! Post exfoliating, make sure that you follow it up with a good body lotion. 



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Hurray! You just found new ways to prevent product wastage.

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