Don't Want To Kiss And Tell? Your Three-Step Makeup Guide To Covering Hickeys!

Don't Want To Kiss And Tell? Your Three-Step Makeup Guide To Covering Hickeys!

We've all been in that position when you're having way too much fun with bae and the oohs and aahs are just not cutting it- you're digging your nails into his back, he's biting and kissing your neck and the intensity is just out of this world. Next morning, you wake up and see a bright red hickey on your neck and you know that it won't go unnoticed. 

We've all made excuses like 'I burned my neck', 'I got bitten by insects', 'I was feeling cold so I wore a turtleneck' or my go-to 'This is my fave scarf, I never want to take it off'. Reality check: everyone can see through your lies! 

So if you're looking to cover your hickeys with makeup, we've got the complete guide. 


Step One: Colour Correcting

The first thing you've to do is to colour correct cause your hickey can be bluish or even blackish-purple depending on the intensity. To reverse the blues and purple hues of the hickey, choose a green corrector. Apply a slight amount to the hickey and pat it with your finger or a beauty sponge. If you see that your hickey is turning yellow (it's healing), opt for a concealer with pinkish undertones to neutralise it.


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Step Two: Concealing

After correcting comes concealing. Use a concealer closest to your skin tone and rub it between your fingers to slightly warm it up and then gently pat it over the colour corrector. Be careful cause you don't want to wipe off the product. If you don't have concealer, even a small dollop of foundation on your foundation brush or beauty sponge will do the trick. Use your fingers for a more precise application.


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Step Three: Set It In Place

You don't want the makeup to transfer all over your clothes, do you? Just use a setting powder or a loose powder and gently dust it over your hickey. This will lock the cream product in place and no one will be able to tell that you're trying to hide a love bite. You can also apply some makeup setting spray to really seal the deal.

Make Up

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Now that you know all the makeup tricks, you should also know that you can make your hickey subside with some ice. Hickeys occur when small blood vessels under your skin are broken due to sucking or biting and by applying ice or doing a cold compress, the blood vessels constrict and the bleeding reduces, helping the skin heal faster. Wrap some cubes in a cloth and press it down or use an ice pack too on the affected area.

Another hickey hack is using a toothbrush and toothpaste. I know it sounds strange but hear us out. Put toothpaste on a clean toothbrush and brush the affected area. This will stimulate blood circulation. Apply a cold compress afterwards because there might be a tiny amount of inflammation to the surrounding area. 


Yeah yeah, you can thank us later!

Featured Image: Unsplash