Don't Want To See Split Ends Ever Again? Here's A Simple Guide To Help You Out!

Don't Want To See Split Ends Ever Again? Here's A Simple Guide To Help You Out!

Split ends are so annoying!

One minute you're trying to grow out your hair and the next thing you know, your hair is brimmed with split ends and you gotta chop off your locks to get rid of them. Argh, the worst vicious cycle ever! But have you ever wondered why our hair split from the ends? What is the real cause and is there a way we can stop it from happening? Let's find out.

The Truth About Split Ends!

There are a lot of factors that can cause split ends. Think of it as this way, your hair ends are furthest from your scalp, right? Therefore, it takes time for all the nutrients to reach there and hence they are more prone to hair damage. But that doesn't mean you cannot have gorgeous, luscious long locks!

Reasons Why Split Ends Happen

Why do things break? Because they are unkempt and damaged!

It's the same logic with our hair too. If you do not pay enough attention to your hair's health, it will get damaged and therefore start breaking. Some of the main reasons for split ends are:

- Overuse of heat-induced hair styling tools.

- Not oiling hair enough.

- Using harsh chemicals on your hair such as hair dye or bleach.

- Sun damage.

- Over-brushing your hair and even tying them in a tight pony can result in hair breakage.

Can A Product Cure Split Ends?

Let me say it louder for the people in the back... NO!

Believe it or not, you cannot cure or mend split ends with hair products, even if there are a plethora of hair products in the market that claim to treat split ends effectively. Your hair is damaged, broken- it can't be fixed. The only thing those products can do is maybe make your hair smoother, shinier or even stronger but it cannot treat split ends, ever!

So, How To Remove Split Ends?

Exactly how you get rid of all the toxic people from your life; cut them off!

Since your hair is damaged, you have to cut it because trust us, the hair split is only going to get longer but it won't go away until you cut them. Here's what you can do:

- Do regular trimming; You can either cut your hair ends at home every month or ask your hairstylist to trim it for you. Not only will you get rid of split ends but will also have healthy hair.

- Another method (personally tried and tested) is twist and cut. Just take a section of your hair, twist it 3-4 times and cut out all the tiny hair that's coming out. 

- Keep your mane protected: Use hair serums and tonics regularly to protect your tresses. Wearing a hat when you're out in the sun for a long duration is always a great idea.

- Keep your hair nourished: Hair packs, hair masques, regular oiling, hair spas-- keep your hair happy and they shall thrive!


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So, are you ready to bid adieu to split ends once and for all?

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