6 Surprising Reasons Your Vajayjay Is Upset With You

6 Surprising Reasons Your Vajayjay Is Upset With You

Apart from the fact that vaginas come in different shapes, colours and sizes, there are so many cool things we have yet to discover about them. Because we know so little about our vajayjay, lack of proper treatment, knowledge and hygiene leads to itchiness, irritation and infection in the area. Before things get to that stage, let's do our best to break up with these bad vagina habits. 

6 Bad Vagina Habits You Need To Put An End To Immediately

Your Vagina Does Not Need A Cleanser


We don't know who needs to hear this, but here's a fact about your vagina - it can clean itself! Since the vulva's skin is sensitive, any cleansing or fragrant product is likely to irritate the skin and cause rash and pimples. Avoid overwashing the area as it will cleanse all the good bacteria away. An absence of good bacteria will likely cause dryness and infections down there. Plain water and maybe a mild soap is good enough to keep the vulva clean and bad bacteria-free. 

It's Constantly Itching!

There's nothing wrong with satisfying an itch down there. However, the moment the itch becomes severe, you need to get to the root of the problem. Perhaps, a cleansing product you recently used is not agreeing with your vagina because of the chemicals and fragrance in it. If you had sex recently that could be another reason for itchiness. If it's severely dry down there and you're experiencing a burning sensation while you pee, you should loop in your gynaecologist asap. 

You Never Wash It After A Workout


That post-workout glow is great, but if the sweat stays too long on your skin, it will clog your pores and cause breakouts. Even worse, mix with other bacteria and dirt present on the surface of the skin. Tight gym clothes also trap sweat on the skin and if you don't go for a shower post your workout, your vagina could be at risk of getting a yeast infection. You'll know you have one when you experience itchiness, irritation and a burning sensation while you pee. 

Blame It On The Toilet Paper

Repeat after us, ladies - Front to back! It's as simple as that. If you're wiping properly and still experiencing itchiness down there then it's probably to do with the quality of your toilet paper. Thin, sweet-smelling, coloured toilet paper can irritate the vulva and cause itchiness. Basic white, unscented toilet paper should do just fine. 

Dry Sex Could Be The Culprit


Foreplay is important, ladies! It helps you get in the mood and makes you get wet down there. The wetter you are down there, the smoother the sex will be. Skipping foreplay and just rushing into sex is going to cause friction during penetration. Either use saliva or lube to prevent experiencing pain during and after sex. 

You Rarely Change Your Sanitary Napkin

Wearing the same sanitary napkin for long hours is bound to irritate the vagina. To maintain good hygiene and prevent foul odour, a useful vagina tip would be to change the pad after 3 to 4 hours. If your period is heavy, then every 2 hours. However, avoid wearing the same pad for 6-8 hours at a stretch to prevent rash and infections. 

Now that you are aware of these common bad vagina habits, we hope that you learn how to take better care of your vajayjay. 

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