Watching Porn Endlessly & Six Other Not-So- Subtle Signs You Need To Have Sex, Stat!

Watching Porn Endlessly & Six Other Not-So- Subtle Signs You Need To Have Sex, Stat!

Being in a relationship doesn't mean you are regularly turning up the heat in between sheets. There may be days or months when you are not having sex at all. And it's okay if you are having a dry spell. But then comes a time when your mind and body start giving you some telltale signs that you need to get laid (like, ASAP)! 

Signs You Need To Have Sex

Fret no more, ladies! To make your life simple and to give you a gentle reminder, here are a few signs that will tell you that your sexual energy has reached an all-time high. And it's time for you to get in bed with someone...STAT! 

You get excited when someone sends you sexual emojis


Well, if an eggplant emoji and a peach icon are making you think that someone is initiating a sexual conversation--buddy, it's time to get laid!

You're watching more porn than usual

If your search history is filled with more porn than usual then it's time for you to try and get back in the game. You probably want to see this action IRL and not on your screen.

A simple touch from someone you like excites you (in a sexual way, of course)

If getting touched by a boy or a girl who you have a thing for, takes you to wonderland, you definitely need to consider asking them out on a date. 

Your friends have been trying to hook you up with someone for a while now


Well, if your friends, single or taken make fun of your sex life and are constantly on the lookout for a prospective fuck buddy for you, you know it's been a while. 

You are interested in knowing your friend's sex life

Whether your friend has gone on a date for the first time or just came back from a sexcation, you want to know EVERYTHING about the time they spent. If you constantly find yourself doing this, you need to have!

You have almost forgotten how to have sex

If once in a day, you are worried about the basics of having sex, you're clearly spending a lot of time thinking about it. 

You are considering your horrible ex


Ladies, we all hit the lowest of the lows by thinking about an ex who has done horrible things to us. Thinking about having sex with your ex is the final nail in the coffin and proof that you need to do something right at this moment!

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