Hey Hoarder, Here Are 6 Signs That Your Makeup May Have Passed Its Expiration Date

Hey Hoarder, Here Are 6 Signs That Your Makeup May Have Passed Its Expiration Date

Okay, I'm confessing it here first: I'm a makeup junkie and hoarder. As a beauty writer, it's kind of my job to try out makeup products (or that's what I tell myself when I'm shopping) but because I buy so many and don't throw out old products, I'm left with a vanity full of things that are stuffed inside organizers. Surely even Mary Kondo will have a hard time going through all of the beauty junk that I hold onto. 

This weekend, however, all that changed because I sat down and undertook the impossible task of clearing out everything, trashing products that were way too old, and giving away some that didn't work for my skin.

Trust me, I feel so much lighter and more organised too. 

Here Are 6 Signs That You Need To Bin Your Makeup ASAP

It Looks Gross And You've Actually Forgotten When You Purchased It


Okay, I'm talking about makeup sponges and brushes. Please get yourself a new one if you think it's even mildly gunky because it can be hazardous for your skin. We're talking breakouts, blackheads, irritation, and a whole lot of other things. Replace your sponge every five months, especially if you use it every day.

It's Been Around Longer Than The Last Time You Slept Properly

Honestly, pressed powders for your face, eyes, and cheeks should not be kept longer than two years so check the manufacturing date and toss it out if need be. I know it hurts but look on the bright side, you get to go on a makeup shopping spree! 

It's Given You An Eye Infection

Ladies, if the makeup has given you an eye infection or caused stinging and itching, you've got to throw it out. It may have crossed the expiry date or you could be allergic to one of the ingredients that its made with. Either way, you've got to get rid of it. When liquid liner expiries, it tends to get chunky and thick. If we're talking about pencil eyeliner then it'll become crumbly and with gel liner, it'll get dry or crack. 


It's Becoming Discoloured


For a lip gloss, if the colour separates from the liquid- it's gotta go. I'm sorry but if you've got to swirl it around to get the correct colour pay off, it's too old to use.

It's Dried Up And Chalky

When concealer becomes dry or chalky that means it needs to be tossed. Concealers actually last about a year and after that the texture becomes weird and the ingredients begin to seperate from each other.

It Smells Rotten

Compact and foundation don't last beyond a year but it can do that only if you keep it out of direct sunlight or away from heaters. After that, you'll notice that the liquid starts to separate and your cream thickens. One big tell is a rubbery aroma that comes out of it. Honey, if you smell that, you're sure as hell not gonna want to put that stuff on your face. 

C'mon, let's get to it. There's loads of cupboard space waiting for you on the other side.

Featured Image: Pexels