Inhale, Exhale & Repeat: 5 Scents To Feel Calm When You Are Having An Anxious Day

Inhale, Exhale & Repeat: 5 Scents To Feel Calm When You Are Having An Anxious Day

If you're feeling stressed out and anxious during these uncertain times, we completely feel you. Everyone seems to be in a frenzy, trying their best to be safe but still wondering if they're doing enough. A few things that may help you calm down your nerves are journaling, reading, listening to soothing music, and making the most of destressing aromas like vanilla, lavender, or neroli. 


How Fragrance Impacts Your Mind And Mood

Did you know that your sense of smell is intrinsically linked to your limbic system, a primitive part of the brain which is responsible for emotions and memories? There are certain smells that connect with your limbic system and trigger certain responses. For example, the smell of rosemary makes one feel more focussed and empowered.

Even when we're looking at memories, you'll notice that you associate a particular scent with how we felt at that time, explaining why some scents hold a personal attachment. Many people find smells from their childhood like baby powder or a flower in their garden comforting and warm because they take us back to a childlike state of being cared for and safe.

So, now understanding how important fragrance is for the mind and mood, you can use it to uplift yours. 

Fragrances That Calm You Down

On days when you're feeling super anxious, we want you to breathe, take a sip of water and try to focus on the here and now. Remember, it's a feeling and it will pass. 


The smell of lemon promotes concentration and has calming and clarifying properties. So, sit back and smell some freshly squeezed lemon or put a few drops of lemon essential oil into your diffuser. 


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Everyone knows about the super calming properties of lavender to help control emotional stress. It also has a soothing effect on nerves and can help when you have hypertension or are extremely distressed. It also can help treat migraines and headaches. 


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Just like lavender, jasmine has calming properties too. This scent is used when you need a little boost as it can uplift your mood. If floral scents work well for you, then we highly recommend that you try smelling something with jasmine in it. You can even use a jasmine-infused body cleanser to shower. It's sure to calm you down. 


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Rosemary is the perfect pick-me-up that you need. Along with improving memory retention it also fights physical exhaustion, headaches and mental fatigue. Smell it in the morning or add a few drops to your skincare routine and you'll feel much more awake and ready to take on the days tasks.

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The reason why vanilla is such a popular fragrance is that it can provide stress relief. Light a vanilla-scented candle in the room and put on a sheet mask or use a vanilla based lotion to give yourself a nice long massage and you'll notice a difference in your mood.


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A calming scent can do wonders to your mood. Choose your lotions and oils accordingly so you always have something at hand whenever you feel uneasy.