7 Relaxing Beauty Videos To Watch At The End Of A Stressful Day

7 Relaxing Beauty Videos To Watch At The End Of A Stressful Day

Everyone who is on their thousandth rewatch of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I feel you. It's my go-to show when I'm feeling stressed or even if I just need some noise in the background while I'm doing some house chore. But let's be honest, there is only so much of it you can see. In the new normal, going out for drinks or stepping out to the mall isn't really an option so we have to look for other ways to destress. 

As beauty mavens, you could try watching super relaxing and soothing beauty videos. Trust us, there's some magic in people giving a breakdown of their makeup routines. These videos will calm your nerves and put to right to sleep.

Living For Michelle Phan's Angelic Voice

The YouTube star and Ipsy bag owner, Michelle Phan makeup skills blow our minds every time she uploads a video. However, what's even better is her super soothing voice as she narrates her beauty routine. With a light-handed application and her feather-like touch, she attempts this monochrome pink look and aces it as always.

ASMR Fans, This One Is For You

Do you feel like tingling down your spine every time you listen to ASMR sounds? Well, this whisper beauty tutorial is perfect for you then. Shot in front of an earthy background, it's both visually and auditorily pleasing. So, finish your nighttime skincare routine, get into comfy jammies and listen to this as you drift off to sleep.

Jessica Alba Knows How It's Done

I could listen to Jessica Alba doing her makeup for hours. Her soothing voice almost feels almost warm and comfy like a blanket in some ways. Doing a simple, everyday makeup tutorial which is glowy and luminous, it's a great peek into the star's vanity.

Just Like A Lullaby

If you aren't big on listening to people talking to relax, then this is the beauty video for you. Watch Jamie Page as she paints her face in the most zen way possible to some soothing music. Let the tunes take over you as you sit back and sip a cuppa green tea.

Skincare Enthusiasts Are Gonna Love This

Obviously, makeup isn't for everyone and nor are makeup tutorials so we've got some skincare videos on the list too. Watch along as this facial for oily skin takes you through all the skincare steps from cleansing and masking to moisturising. To really celebrate yourself, follow along with the steps, and give your skin some extra TLC.

Relax Every Cell In Your Body For A Good Night Sleep

A dimly lit skincare video that has all the elements to help you relax your worries away- burning sage, breathy whispers, and calming visuals. Light your fav candle, bring out the face roller and follow along as talks about how to get glowing skin from within.

We Couldn't Leave Out The Hair

Haircare enthusiasts, we've got you covered too. They say one of the greatest pleasures in life is getting your hair brushed by someone. Remember when your mom would do it when you were a kid and make cute little pigtails for you? Loving your hair, massaging your scalp, and caring for it could replicate the same kind of safety you felt then.

Just sit back and relax, indulge in an extensive beauty routine and you'll feel a lot calmer. We suggest using a glow enhancing moisturiser so that you will wake up with nourished and hydrated skin in the morning.


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Hush little baby, go to sleep!

Featured Image: YouTube