5 Unconventional Ways You Can Use Nipple Creams In Your Beauty Routine

5 Unconventional Ways You Can Use Nipple Creams In Your Beauty Routine

Nipple creams are the unsung heroes of the skincare world!

Ask any new, breastfeeding mom about the miraculous benefits of nipple creams and she can give you a thousand! Unlike regular creams and moisturizers, nipple creams are usually made with all-natural ingredients that really relieve those sensitive areas because breastfeeding can leave nipples dry, cracked, or even bleeding! 

Nipple creams work wonderfully and probably that's the reason why new moms are never seen without them! But that's not all the ultra-moisturizing creams can be used for.

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Nipple Creams That Will Blow Your Mind

One of the most popular ingredients that you may find in a nipple cream is lanolin (a wax secreted by wool-producing animals) which instantly hydrates nipples, helps soothe cracked heels, and even works as a great lip balm!

Lip Balm

If you have super dry, flaky lips, I know how difficult it is to find that one lip balm that can actually stop the dryness! As mentioned above, nipple creams are super hydrating and loaded with soothing properties. So, ditch your lip balm for nipple cream, and thank us later!

This is probably why Margot Robbie uses a nipple cream on her lips too!

Minor Cuts

Is it just me or do you get random cuts on your body too? If you have sensitive skin, you know how easy it is to injure yourself. Thankfully, nipple creams are awesome healers! If you have any sort of cut on your body, be it a random one, a shaving cut, or even one for when you pop a pimple, nipple cream haina


Chafing is the worst, especially if you work out a lot in summer. Itchiness, redness, inflammation, and even blisters; it's the freakin' worst. But do not worry cause your nipple cream can help soothe those irritations too! Just dab on the cream on the affected area and massage it in, you'll notice in a few days any chafing and irritation would have subsided. 

Cracked Heels

We love getting pedicures, don't we? Especially when the pedicurist is scrubbing the dead skin off our heels. But as you grow older, your heels may start to crack and it really hurts. Forget about getting your heels scrubbed, just standing can be painful. If none of your special creams for cracked heels are working, try applying a generous amount of nipple cream!

Apply it over your cracked heels to immediately soothe them, reduce the pain, and even soften the hard, dead skin. Also, massage your heels every night with nipple cream before sleeping so that it can work its magic overnight!

Tame Your Brows

Okay, this might seem like a tad bit excessive but just try this once and you'll understand what the hype is all about!

We all desire brows that look fabulous and in place, all the time, and nipple creams do just that! Just take a pea-sized amount, apply it over your brows, and use a spoolie to shape them. This works so well as an alternative to soap brows if that's way too messy for you. 

Nipple Creams To Add To Your Cart

We bet that by now, we've convinced you to try at least one nipple cream today! Here are some of the best nipple creams that you can try:


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Ready to give nipple creams a chance?

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