There's A New Way To Do Smokey Eyes & It Has Taken The Beauty World By Storm!

There's A New Way To Do Smokey Eyes & It Has Taken The Beauty World By Storm!

In the history of makeup, one of the most classic eye makeup looks is the smokey eye. Without a doubt, it's glamorous, sexy and dramatic! There's one more eye makeup trend that is equally stunning and that is the modern smokey eye trend. It's not as bold as compared to the classic smokey eye, but on the contrary, it's subtle, colourful and wearable even during the day.

5 Modern Smokey Eye Makeup Looks You'll Wanna Try Right Away!

Get your eyeshadow palette and makeup brush ready because we're gonna create a masterpiece today!

A Pop of Purple For The Win!

No shimmer, no glitter, just a faint wash of mulberry on the lids and lower lashline is enough to make your eyes pop. If you have green, brown or hazel-coloured eyes, this eyeshadow colour will make them stand out and fetch you a bunch of compliments. 


Powder Magic Eyeshadow Pencil - Amethyst

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Two Is Better Than One

Nothing looks prettier than pairing two contrasting colours together. Shimmery sea green and salmon pink eyeshadow colours look great together and look even more stunning on Indian complexions. To give the illusion of bigger eyes, apply white eyeliner or concealer on your waterline. 


Manish Malhotra 9 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette - Enchanté

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Turn Up The Heat With Red

When one thinks of a smokey eye look, other eyeshadow colours instead of brown and black rarely cross our mind. Experiment a little in 2020. A matte red smokey eye makes a more powerful statement than a red lipstick. For this modern smokey eye look, line your upper and lower lashline with a red eyeliner or a red lipliner. Then, pick some red eyeshadow pigment and subtly colour the lids. Since your eyes will be the ones doing all the talking, keep the rest of your makeup look soft and fresh. 

Deep red eyeshadow

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Shades Of Emerald

The beauty of this modern smokey eye makeup look is that it's not just one shade of green. You can see emerald, lime and seaweed green, all in one eye makeup look. Remember, before you put on the shimmer, always paint your lids a bold matte colour. In this case, it's emerald!


Powder Magic Eyeshadow Pencil - Aquamarine

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Chromatic Pigments Are Gorgeous

Even if you do end up doing a classic brown smokey eye, you can always glam it up with some purple chromatic pigment like this one. For a doe-eyed look, apply the illuminator to the inner corners of the eye. This makeup trick also helps to soften the heavy smokey eye makeup look and brightens your peepers up as well. 

Make Up

Wet n Wild Color Icon Loose Pigment - Carol

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Both, the smokey eye and the modern smokey eye trend are amazing in their own ways. However, since the classic smokey eye looks heavy and dramatic, it will only look gorgeous for night functions. Whereas, the modern smokey eye trend can be worn for both, day and nighttime events

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