Let's Talk About Boob Sweat: Why It Happens & How To Deal With It

Let's Talk About Boob Sweat: Why It Happens & How To Deal With It

Boob sweat! We've heard about it, experienced it, but rarely talk about it. First of all, breast sweat is normal and you should not feel ashamed of it. Intense workouts, first job interview stress, the hot weather--all of these factors cause our breasts to sweat. Nothing to worry about, it's just your skin's way of cooling itself down. Sometimes, it could be caused due to a hormonal issue or environmental stress. While you can opt for naturally breathable fabric like cotton or wear sweat pads, you can also give these beauty solutions a shot!

How To Deal With Boob Sweat

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Moroccan argan oil to the rescue!

Moroccan argan oil not only moisturises the skin, but also treats skin infections. While it soothes inflamed skin, it replenishes lost moisture and reduces perspiration. Apply a few drops of Moroccan argan oil and massage your boobs when their damp. Allow them the oil to air dry before you put on your bra because moisture + trapped air = bacteria. 

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Body wipes are your new besties


Always carry a pack of body wipes wherever you go because you never know when your boobies may need it. Choose ones that have a mild fragrance and are not overly-perfumed as that can irritate the skin. The skin underneath the boobs is bound to feel clean and fresh. 


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Give anti-chafing powder a chance

When sweaty boobs rub against each other, friction happens and that friction creates heat and rashes on the skin. Baby powder will prevent chafing and absorb all the sweat. If you don't have baby powder, any powder with corn starch in it will work. 

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Shower every day!


Maintaining good hygiene is important and showering every day will keep the bacteria away from the boobies. However, more than showering, drying yourself after is more important. Post a shower, make sure that the boobs are completely dry and free from moisture.

Antiperspirants have super powers

The main job of an antiperspirant is to block sweat glands. However, just choose a product that won't leave a white mark on the cleavage. Otherwise, it would look odd when wearing low neck outfits. Not only under the boobs, but you can also apply antiperspirant on your underarm area as well. 

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Hope you found these tips helpful and give them a shot!

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