#MyStory: I Married My Best Friend And It's The Best Decision I've Ever Made

#MyStory: I Married My Best Friend And It's The Best Decision I've Ever Made

I was six years old when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was playing in theatres. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of SRK and everything that he says. Naturally, pyaar dosti hai was one of the principles that I grew up with. But after a couple of unsuccessful love stories and a few wrong relationship decisions, I was almost over with this pyaar and dosti mantra. However, it turns out that agar tum kisi cheez ko sache dil see chaaho toh poori kayanat use tumse milane main jut jaati hai. And that's exactly how I'd like to start my story.

On the first day of college, I met this guy in a white shirt with a bunch of other common friends. We were going to a party after our fresher's in college. We introduced ourselves and then we were talking to each other the entire night. Fun fact: We both were trying to get over a break-up from a long-term relationship. And we got along pretty well because of that. The next day in college, we introduced our respective groups of friends to each other and became one big group of 14 people. We never felt anything beyond friendship in the first year. The whole group stuck together until the second year and by then we both had started to feel something for each other. We thought about how amazing it would be to be with together since we know each other so well. We dated for almost four months and called it quits. Our relationship got over with college.

A few months after our college got over, we connected again. We started off on the same note we ended things on and realised that nothing had changed between us. We were loving, empathetic and never blamed one another for anything even though a lot of things went down between us. He and I officially became bffs. It was the best kind of friendship I have ever had in my life. Non-judgemental, fun and a lot of laughter! Two years of maintaining this beautiful friendship without any drama, we thought of giving our relationship another chance. Cut to 2020, I call him my husband now. 


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One-and-a-half years into this marriage, I have realised that marriage is not always a bed of roses, but the ride surely becomes smooth if you have someone who knows how to handle your lows. Not even once, I had to pretend to be someone else because he has seen me evolve for over nine years. We know everything about each other's past and consider it redundant to ever bring it up. Are we perfect? No. Do we have a lot of things in common? No. But we understand each other's needs very well.

Even best friends disagree, have arguments and we both do too. Sometimes, it gets really bad but who's perfect anyway? All you need is someone who understands that it's only human to go through these things. Someone who makes living with them a learning process. Someone who grows with you after every fight. Someone who knows that it's 'just a fight' and wakes up with a smile the next day. And definitely the one who understands that you're a hopeless romantic and doesn't ever say no to watching SRK movies. Kyuki pyar dosti hai!

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