Sex & The Stars: Here's Everything You Should Do To Seduce Your Virgo Crush

Sex & The Stars: Here's Everything You Should Do To Seduce Your Virgo Crush

They're sensual, they're classy and they love to experiment--we're talking about none other than Virgos. The lay a lot of emphasis on detail and precision, and everyone who is planning to have sex with a Virgo partner should know this. 'Coz well, that's when you can expect to have fireworks in the bedroom. Here's a list of things that you can totally expect while having sex with a Virgo. Trust us, this list will also come in handy if you're trying to seduce your Virgo crush. 

All You Need To Know About Having Sex With A Virgo

Here is everything that you need to know about having sex with Virgos. Read on to know more.

They love paying attention to details


You'd love to spend a night with a Virgo simply because of their attention to detail. They'd make sure that you both make the most of each minute that you're spending together.

They love to get things right

Virgos like to get things right and this is mostly the case when it comes to sex. They don't really express themselves, but they do plan their moves to make it fun and more intense in the bedroom. 

Their actions will speak louder than words

Virgos are typically shy and they don't mostly express how they feel in tangible ways in bed. So, if you're in bed with a Virgo, pay attention to how they treat you. A lot of your answers are hidden there. 

They are constantly double checking themselves


Virgos usually need constant reassurance about how they are performing in bed. They can be a bit uptight about sex frequently questioning themselves. So if you're with a Virgo, tell them the truth about how you feel. 

They love to experiment

Virgos are inquisitive in nature. They love to explore-- positions, toys, food items and much more--get ready to try and test them all.

They are picky

Virgos are picky about the choices they make in their lives (this includes their sex life as well). If a Virgo decides to pick you to share their life (or their bed) with, know that they are going to stick around.

They are analytical and detail-oriented


Virgos are detail-oriented and analytical about everything that they do in their life. They are known to finish any task that they start and don't leave it hanging in the middle. If you are having sex with a Virgo, know that you are in for a ride you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Signs Virgos Are Sexually Compatible With

Virgos are sexually compatible with Taurus, Capricorns and Pisces. And they face a lot of friction in bed with Gemini and Sagittarians. 

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