Bleaching Your Hair At Home? Read These Pointers Before You Go All In

Bleaching Your Hair At Home? Read These Pointers Before You Go All In

Quarantine is making us do all kinds of things, things we never even thought we could do. Yes, cutting your own bangs definitely tops the list!

While the craze around cutting bangs seems unfazed, some people have moved on to dying their hair. And not just dying, bleaching it at their homes because you know, it's the perfect time to experiment with crazy colours like pink, blue, green and what not! But it is definitely not as simple as it sounds because it requires pre-lightening our hair. You could end up damaging your locks in the process or completely ruin your tresses by bleaching it wrong. But if you're convinced that you want to do it, then avoid these mistakes at all costs!

Keep These Pointers On Mind Before Bleaching Your Hair

When it comes to a beauty nightmare, nothing is scarier than completely ruining your hair! 

Not Having All The Products

Do not even think about bleaching your mane without having all types of equipment first. Make a checklist of all the things you're going to need, such as:

- Rubber gloves

- Old clothes/ Towels

- Mixing bowl

- Hair Dye brushes

- Hair clips and rubber bands

- Comb

- Hair toner

- Bleach (powder or cream)

- Bond developer

- Sulphate free hair products

- Sanitizing wipes (to remove excess product)


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Read The Instructions

Unless you've done this a couple of times before, do not start the process without reading the instructions. A quick read and you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Do A Patch Test

This is perhaps the most important part. Once your bleach is made, do a patch test. It'll not only show if the bleach is working or not but will also let you know if you're allergic to any of the ingredients in it. 

Ask For Help

Remember, once you bleach, there's no going back. The colour from your hair is gone, it cannot come back.

This is a huge step and it's always better to do it when someone's around or ask them for their help. They can help you apply bleach on your hair where your hands can't reach or even double-check all the processes for you. 

Hair Care

Since bleach is going to strip your hair of its natural pigment, it's always better to deep condition your hair. An extra dose of hair care, if you will! Applying a hair mask can help too but do everything 2-3 hours before you bleach them.

Over Bleaching

I have never personally bleached my hair (but yes, I have gotten them bleached professionally before) and let me tell you, your hair is never the same. In time, they can become quite coarse and lifeless. So, it's better if you do not over bleach them or bleach hair that's already bleached once. 

Skipping The Toner

Toner is an important step and you cannot skip it. You may think that this is your first time bleaching the hair and you don't really require it. Wrong! It's a great product to subdue any orange/yellow hair shade that can appear after you've bleached your hair.


We're not saying you shouldn't try new things. Just be doubly sure of what you're doing and how exactly you should do it. 

Featured Image: YouTube, Instagram