Safety First But Make It Glam: 6 Hair Accessories That'll Go Well With Your Face Mask

Safety First But Make It Glam: 6 Hair Accessories That'll Go Well With Your Face Mask

Face masks are not an option, they're a necessity but I'm sure you already knew that. Sometimes when I step out of the house, I feel like I'm in somewhat of a dystopian land with everyone wearing masks and gloves and constantly sanitising themselves. When will things go back to the way they were? *cries internally*

With India becoming the country with the second-highest cases count in the world, we suggest that you should stay at home how much ever possible. We know you miss your friends and freedom but you're risking a whole lot of lives by venturing out. However, if you really have to step out for work or a grocery run- we think you should try out these hair accessories. They'll look super cute with your face mask.


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Wear A Mask, But Make It Cute!

Yeah, face masks are boring, they leave very little room for makeup. But who said your hair can't look cute? There are tons of hairstyles that look great with a face mask and if you're lazy like us - these hair accessories will do the trick.

Bobby Pins With Shells

These bobby pins knock it out of the park. If you're missing a beach vacay, you can always feel like you're on one. Scrunch your hair up, give yourself some beach waves and top it off with these shell bobby pins. Throw on your fave kimono and voila, you're ready for Goa right at home.


Beach Wave Set

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Add Drama With A Pastel Scarf

For people with thick hair- this scarf could totes take your look to the next level. You can tie your hair with it in a ponytail or wear it as a bandana. If you're extra (like us) you could even do a soft pink eyeshadow look to match it all together. After all, it's all about the simple pleasures of life.



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Pearls Pearls Pearls

Pearl accessories are the latest Insta trend and you can jump on the bandwagon with these hair clips too. If your mask keeps falling off your nose too, you can use these clips to secure the bands on the side to your hair as well. Safety while being glam- hell yeah!


2X Pearly Snap Hair Clips

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Floral Printed Srunchie

For those days when you just couldn't be bothered but need the tiniest bit of pick-me-up- these printed scrunchies will work perfectly. They're in so many different colours so you can match your mask with them every time. Ditch those black elastic rubber bands and go for these instead!


Elastic Satin fabric Hair Bands Scrunchy for Women

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A Classic Gold Pin

You cannot go wrong with a classic, gold pin, can you? This one by Jaypore is gorgeous yet understated. It'll go well with any outfit that you wear and any makeup look that you do. We suggest going for yesteryear, winged liner and muted gold eyeshadow look to ace the old world charm!


Gold Tone Hair Pin

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A Chic Hairband

If you really want to look chic and put-together then this hairband is the perfect one for you. It'll keep your hair back so that you won't have to touch your face while keeping away loose strands (we know how dangerous that is). Plus it's embellished and gorgeous, what's not to love?



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Glam and safe, both at the same time!

Image Source: Instagram