Glow In The Dark Makeup Products For Every Girl Who Likes It A Bit OTT!

Glow In The Dark Makeup Products For Every Girl Who Likes It A Bit OTT!

The glamourous world of makeup is so fun; so many brands and products to choose from. Gone are the days when we would just put on some foundation, kajal, lip gloss and call it a day. Nowadays, you need more products just to create a no-makeup makeup look.

Makeup has definitely evolved into something much more meaningful. It is an art, a medium to express yourselves in the most creative way. And if you are someone who loves playing with eccentric makeup products, you'd wanna try some glow in the dark goodies! We get it, definitely not your first choice for every day look but life is all about experimenting, right? Plus, imagine how cool it would be if you're out on a late-night date and your makeup is glowing, literally!

Glow In The Dark Makeup Products

Are you ready to upgrade your makeup skills to a *lit* level?

PS: Imagine wearing it for an EDM festival, a late-night pool party or even a night in with bae 😉


These vibrant, neon lipsticks are not for the faint-hearted. All you need is two coats on your lips and the lights turned off. No one would be able to take their eyes off you and we guarantee you that!


Moon Glow - Blacklight Neon UV Lipsticks

INR 2,111 AT Moon Glow

Face Palette

Why stop just at the lips when you can make your entire body glow in the dark? A glow in the dark palette is a must-have product as it opens up so many possibilities. Use it on your face, body or even hair because we know, you're a little extra like that.


Arteza UV Face & Body Paint, 12 Glow In The Dark Colors

INR 2,499 AT Arteza

Loose Pigment

Close your eyes and light up the world- I know, doesn't make any sense but when you use glow in dark loose pigments on your lids, it kinda does!

Elevate your eye makeup skills with loose pigments that look oh-so-stunning on your lids and even glow in the dark. I know what makeup I'd be flaunting when the clubs reopen!


UV Glow In The Dark Pigment Orion

INR 666 AT Shrine


Where my neon lovers at? We get it, neon eyeliners are old news but not the glow in the dark ones! This is a perfect choice of product for a day to night look as your lids are going to be the brightest during the day and glowing to Gods when the sun finally sets!


SUVA Beauty Hydra Fix, Scrunchie

INR 1,040 AT SUVA Beauty

Nail Paints

Imagine spending a night at bae's and your nails are just glowing! Apply two coats and let your hands do all the work!

(Just when you thought handjobs couldn't get any hotter 🔥)


Glow in Dark Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish Gel Varnish

INR 2,179 AT Bk

The spooky season, aka Halloween, is around the corner! So, which one would you buy first?

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